Middle School Just My Rotten Luck

By: James Patterson


I been picked on alot by many other people. Im not good a t sports or school related stuff. Im in special classes now with other people. We were in the library today and people that were coming back from lunch stopped at the window and laughed at us and pointed at us.

Man vs Society

Rafe is trying to prove to everyone that he can do everything can other people can do. He gets made fun of by the football players because he is not "normal" than the others.


" fall seven times stand up eight"

- Japanse Proverb


pg.14 " yo khatchadorkian!" " That right Miller The Killer."


He the oldest in his family. His traits are funny, smart, and imagery.


He one of the football players. His traits are happy, athletic, and friendly.


It takes place at Hills Village Middle School.
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