Life before ISAK


Thailand - The Land of Smiles

I'm proud to call myself a Thai citizen here at ISAK. The food is amazing and the culture we value and practice are embedded deeply in me. Thailand is an interesting country as we are unique in what we do. When we feel sad, we actually try to smile a lot. Since most of the Thai people are buddhist, we donate a lot to the community, temples as well as alms to the monks. Giving alms to monks reflect a lot about Thai culture; it shows respect as well as giving back to the community, things Thai people value

10 Things You Should Know About Me

1. I love to eat :3

2. I am very competitive - in both gaming and sports

3. I love badminton and played in a lot of badminton tournaments

4. My favourite subject is Math and Science

5. I love to cook Thai food although I haven't quite find the ingredients here yet

6. I'm Half-Chinese although I don't look Chinese

7. I like being around humorous people as I am humorous as well

8. I'm kind of an emotional guy

9. Being the lonely child, I cherish friendship a lot

10. I love ISAK and I know you guys all do :) :P :D

What is Most Important to Me

There are a lot of things that is important to me in life. The most important thing to me is friendship. It was a tough decision to leave my former school with the friends I knew for so long to join ISAK. Since I am the only child, friends make up most of my social life inside and outside of school. Another thing that is important to me is playing badminton. I feel like badminton is something that I have been practicing for the last 7 years and I've enjoyed it very much. Gaming is also a very important to me as it is an escape into the world where I don't need to worry about anything. I also like to watch E-sport videos

ISAK Summer School 2014

I never knew anything about ISAK until I joined the 2014 Summer School. It was one of the most life changing experiences that I have experienced. Before I came to ISAK, I thought it was just one of those stereotypical summer schools where we get to socialise and don't do much of anything. Instead, I learnt about Leadership and Design Innovation that really changed my way of thinking towards the world.