civic and economic

the Articles of Confederation


The advantages of the articles of confederation is that
  • included a unified army for the states
  • set up a legislature where each states had one votes
  • was able to build and control an army
  • had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states


The disadvantages was that

  • national government couldn't enforce laws so even it ratified states could ignore them
  • national government couldn't taxes
  • needed 9 out of 13 13 states approval to pass law
  • needed all 13 in order to amend a laws

Why i think they choose this articles

I think they created a weak government so that the states could help them built it stronger. Help them improve and how they should make it stronger. Even though their government is weak they always believe that no matter what some states out there would help them and teach them a way to make it stronger this is what i think why they make the the articles weak...
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