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A JMS Teacher Newsletter - March


We all need breaks from the humdrum of work. Teachers and students alike, need this time of rejuvenation. It is with a most sincere heart that I wish you all a very relaxing break. Please comment below your plans so some of us can live vicariously through you! Have fun and be safe!

--- Sheri

No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. -- James Comer

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

March Happenings:

March 1 -- Counselor to ESC TELPAS -- Texas Assessment Management System

March 2 - Wellness Pointe to visit via PE Classes (Girls)


March 7-11 -- SPRING BREAK

March 14 -- ETCADA Girls' Group @ 2:00

March 15 -- TELPAS Reading Assessment Gr. 6

March 16 -- TELPAS Reading Assessment Gr. 7

March 17 -- TELPAS Reading Assessment Gr. 8

March 21 -- ETCADA Girls' Group @ 2:00

March 23 -- Wellness Pointe to visit via PE Classes (Girls)

March 23 -- TELPAS Rating of Writing Samples -- ALL ASSIGNED ELA TEACHERS

March 25 -- NO SCHOOL

March 28 -- ETCADA Girls' Group @ 2:00



Suggestions for JMS Site-Base Decision-Making Committee

If you have ideas how we can improve our campus or initiate programs, please submit a proposal (click here). All input is valuable and will be considered by the committee.

2016 Site-Base Decision-Making Committee

Bruce Banks - Community Representative

Beth Bassett -- District Non-Teaching Representative

Kathy Boyd -- Teacher

Joann Lindsay -- PTA Representative/Parent

Jesus Mancha- Community Representative

Dennis Mitchell -- Principal

Tony Monsivais -- Parent

Sheri Peery -- Campus Non-Teaching Representative

Kimberly Perkins - Teacher

Leah Rosson - Teacher

Kenda Stuart - Teacher

Natalie Webb - Campus Non-Teaching Representative

Faculty Focus

Devoted Disciple...

Brenda Ann Moore, named after my mother. I am a devout, born-again Christian. I currently serve as Christian Education Director at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and I thoroughly enjoy being a student of the Word of God. I have also taught Sunday school and Women’s’ Mission classes. My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.” The last book I read was Crazy Love…Overwhelmed By a Relentless God by Francis Chan. I highly recommend it, but, be warned, you will not be the same after reading it!

Because neither of my parents graduated from high school, education was emphasized throughout my childhood and teen years, and beyond. I have a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree in Education. I have taught for 32 years…I know, I look so young!! :) I had the honor of being asked to come out of retirement and return to teaching. I love, love, love teaching and live for the “light bulb” moments from my students. I was honored to be named 2012-13 Teacher of the Year.

I have 3 siblings, 2 of which are twins, Debra and Doris, who were born on my birthday….my very first birthday gift. We are exactly one year apart! We have a brother, Mack, Jr., who came along 4 years after them weighing in at 11 lbs, 9oz. I have one nephew, Chris. We are a very close-knit family and I have lived a very blessed life. I grew up in a strict, loving, nurturing household and I find myself using my mother’s methods when dealing with my students. She had a look that could stop traffic and definitely kept order in our home! I find myself using the look and although I can’t stop traffic, it does help so much with the discipline in my classroom. My blood pressure is kept at bay and everything rolls along pretty smoothly with my students. I also employ my dad’s method of mercy. I am grateful for the love, values, and work ethic that I learned growing up.

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What are your fun plans for Spring Break? Please share in the comments below....

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