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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 5-30 through 6-3-16

This is It!

We are down to the final week of school. Many of us have experienced the closing of a school year countless times, but it's always hard to believe when it finally arrives. Please keep in mind that for many of our students school is their safe place and the closing of the year brings them closer to uncertainty. That's when we see more and more behaviors that are not in alignment with our expectations. Let's be sensitive and do all we can to make the ending of the year a CELEBRATION for EVERYONE!

I am so proud of how well our students performed on MAP. It is truly a testament to your hard work, dedication and perseverance. We were in a "scary" place at the MOY and our EOY scores are phenomenal. Check out the Kudos! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tbKHSKTM4Yw7HkQ0-HQvk7jisFwE-SBNZYMYH4-ure8/edit?ts=573642d5

Be sure you are keeping up with the end of year closing checklist. June 3rd will be here before we know it. Monday, June 7th is a workday. Click the link to bank your hours https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d-iFvEu4BMvNjt-7LfhADXr7cHv0NJ3LoWOWLpOvvUc/edit.

We have a busy week so check out "What's Happening" to be sure you don't miss a thing. Here are a few links to help. Flag Lowering Ceremony & Fifth Grade Walk Information https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BgYEX1JDsKcH88xnaKiUltO4I_k2XH5DXElvyb5S-dA/edit. Early Release Schedule https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DsWis5jDiRtITpdR9GNoFSAyAgJRKmJHPkY39gVDha4/edit. Both can be found in the Google - Memorial Staff Folder. Remember, there are NO SPECIALS on Thursday (6/2) and Friday (6/3). Also, we will be short staff in the main office the last week of school. If you are available to help with answering phones and signing in parents that will be great. Thank you in advance for your flexibility.

If it doesn't happen this week, then...Lastly, remember that "unknown" district personnel will enter the building using doors other than the main entrance. They will see how much of the building they can access before being addressed by staff and escorted to the main office. We got this!

Thanks everyone! Let's do this!!!

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...


EVERYONE! This has been an AMAZING year! Let's keep it going!

What's Happening?!

5/30 - No School - Memorial Day Holiday

6/2 - 5th Grade Completion Ceremony 9 am

6/2 - 3rd - 5th Grades C & C Assembly 1 pm

6/2 - K - 2nd Grades C & C Assembly 1:55 pm

6/3 - Kinder Completion Ceremony 9 am

6/3 - Class Parties

6/3 - Flag Lowering Ceremony & 5th Grade Walk 11:30 am

6/3 - Early Release at Noon

6/3 - Staff Celebration 1 pm

6/6 - Work Day

Pride's Schedule

On campus all week!

Happy Birthday

6/5 - Elizabeth D.

6/5 - Indira

6/10 - Nadia

6/13 - Betty

6/28 - Jennifer E.

7/8 - Carmen