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September 7, 2020

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September 8 All Students are IN CLASS

It was wonderful to talk to so many of you and to see all of the children. Such Joy!

Teachers and students really enjoyed the staggered entry. Students had a chance to get to know a few class mates, their teacher, and the many new routines. Much anxiety was alleviated.

Starting on September 8 all students will be coming to school. Classes will be full, and the drop off and pick up zones will be full. COME earlier as the traffic around the school will be heavy, please be very cautious driving and parking around the school. Please DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOT.

PLEASE NOTE TO FOLLOW THE DROP OFF AND PICK RULE. Please pickup and drop off your children at their colored dots. Ensure that you communicate specifics with your child's teacher in regards to how your child will come to school and go home.

Thank you so much for a great staggered entry!

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From the Secretary: Mrs. Roberts

Parents, please log onto your Parent Portal and if you have either of these messages displaying, click on the blue words to update the required information. Thank You
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More from Mrs. Roberts ...

Emergency Contact Information Parents must designate an emergency contact who will be able to immediately pick up a student if parents/guardians are unable to do so as per the Alberta Government's Pandemic Response.

An immediate pick-up assumes that the students will be picked up in less that an hour.

Does your child have a medical condition/require medicine during the day/have an allergy?

If so, please complete the Medical Status Update/Request for Medical Treatment form available on your Parent Portal under SchoolEngage Student Forms, choose the student then complete a new B.2) Medical Status Update/Request for Medical Treatment Form and submit it.


*Any over the counter medicine (Ex: Tylenol, Benydryl) must have a Medical Treatment Form completed and a Dr.s letter with dosage/time directed* Provide item to measure/dispense medication if required.

This form is required on an annual basis for students.

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If your child arrives after 8:40 am, parents must phone the office (780-467-7972) so their child can gain entry through the front door of the school.

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Reporting Student Absences

If your child will be absent please report this using either the SchoolMessenger App or call 1-877-246-9970.

Please click the link to learn how to access the SchoolMessenger App.

Dress for the Weather

Please note that for September most of your child's Physical Education classes will be outside. So please send your child to school dressed for the weather, with fall fast approaching please send a coat with your child every day. Also, if it raining, please send them in a raincoat and rubber boots.
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Family Wellness Worker

Hello! My name is Danielle Bussiere (the kids call me Miss. B!), and in case we haven't met before, I am the Family Wellness Worker for Madonna and Holy Spirit Catholic Schools. I am here to provide support for social and emotional wellbeing, which during a year like this one, we know is incredibly important! If you ever need to chat about you, your kiddo, or your family, please contact me by calling your school's main phone line or by emailing me at Elk Island Catholic Schools has also created a one-stop page of Alberta Health Services, Government aid, and community resources that may assist you and your family during this unprecedented time.

We can't wait to be back with your kiddos♥️

Love, Miss. B

If you answered Yes to any part of question #1 on the COVID screen. What do you do. PLEASE Click the link below.

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DAILY AGENDA COMMUNICATION! CHECK YOUR EMAIL, YOUR TEACHER HAS SET UP IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM, A DAILY COMMUNICATION PAGE. The school agenda will not be going back and forth this year. You must check your child's google classroom for the daily AGENDA page/

Classroom Rep

Parents, I regret to inform you that due to COVID, Birthday Invitations cannot be handed out at school, moreover birthday cakes and food cannot come into the school at this time. :(

So what we are going to do to help parents communicate birthdays is to help parents contact other parents in their child's class through a Parent Class Rep. The Class Rep can put together a list of parents with their contact information. We are doing this as we cannot give out your contact information.

This is all voluntary for you to give your contact information to the Parent Class Rep.

Parents you will be able to contact your class rep, if you need to contact a parent in the class.


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How much sleep does my child need?

We have had a few students struggle in the afternoon to stay awake. Please note the following:

The Canadian Paediatric Society has produced a general guide to the amount of sleep young children need over a 24-hour period, including naps.

Age Recommended amount of sleep

  • Preschoolers (3 to 5 years)​10 to 12 hours
  • School-aged children (5 to 10 years)10 to 12 hours
  • The National Sleep Foundation offers guidelines for older children and teens.

Getting the recommended amount of sleep (e.g., number of hours) as well as maintaining a regular schedule of sleep and wake times is important.