Choosing work wear Melbourne

Work Wear Melbourne

Choosing work wear Melbourne

If you are experiencing challenges choosing the work outfits, you are not alone. Many people in the corporate world do not know the dress code to choose because of the different designs available.

All different sorts of dress codes are categorized into four different groups including; business formal, business professional, business casual and casual. So for you to be able to choose the right outfit, you may want to follow the above mentioned cods.

The dress codes

Business formal; this is the perfect choice for the people who work in high level management. If you also work in direct contact with the executives, then you may also want to consider the formal outfits. So what constitutes a formal wear? For men this will include mostly the three button suit, although you can still consider the one or the two button suits. For women, you can consider wearing the pant or the skirt suits accompanied by the white button blouses.

Business casual; there are those companies that allow you to choose the type of outfit to wear. However, you need not look unprofessional. This means that you can choose to patterns and stripes. Ensure that the clothes are well fitting. For women, you may choose to wear the skirt combined with the cardigan or a fancy shirt.

Business professional; this is a conservative type of wear. For men the one and the two button suits are the traditional choice. For women, a fitting skirt and a top will be the right option.

Casual; even though you are working in a casual office setting, you still have to maintain a professional look at the work space.

Considerations to make

Before you can choose the work outfit, there are different factors that you need to consider;

« The office setting; from the above mentioned business dress codes, you know that the different outfits are suitable for different work settings. It is important for you to ensure that you pay attention to the work environment.

« The color; the office setting will also determine the color of the outfits. For example, the business formal work outfits, you may consider choosing neutral colors including; grey, black or navy. For women, brown can be acceptable in the formal business setting.

« The size; you will not look presentable if you are wearing clothes that are not well fitting. Most of the clothing stores have size charts that you can use to choose the right clothing.


If you choose to accessories, they need to be modest in terms of the style and also the color. They also need to be of high quality. As a woman, if you are going to wear tights, they need to be in dark colors. When it comes to earrings, the button and the studs are the accepted accessories. You may however choose to wear the large statement, just ensure that they are not distracting.

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