Jessica Cornish

USC Intern


Hey, Conder Stars

I would like to formally introduce myself as the new USC library intern this semester. My name is Jessica Cornish, and I am a University of South Carolina Library Intern working in the media center this semester. This is my last year in the SLIS program. I currently work as a library assistant in two elementary schools. I will be here mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays all day. I am very excited about working with the faculty and students this semester. I am eager to help in any capacity whether it is with booktalks, collaborations, or with professional development sessions.

Collaborations are a very important part of the library program.If you would like me to help your students with any information literacy skills such as evaluating sources, research, and citing sources I would be happy to come to your classroom or have you come to the media center. I am also more then willing to come in and assist the students with any additional information literacy skills you feel would help them meet their potential.

Professional development sessions are used to support faculty in discovering new methods that will be beneficial to staff and students. It can be a refresher on something you learned or on something new. I am eager to help in any capacity.

Booktalking is a good tool to promote reading among students. I am willing to come into the classroom and booktalk books that will encourage students to read outside of the books required; this will encourage them to expand their independent and leisure reading.

I would like to thank the Conder Stars again for having me this semester.

Go Conder Stars,

Jessica Cornish

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