Where is Middle Earth?



The landscape in Alaska is filled with grass with small hills perfect for Hobbit holes. The scenery makes it look like the scenery in the movie, since the days are sunny and the nights are beautiful. In Iceland, Icelandic is the official language. Other languages, include Old Norse, Germanic, and English is widely spoken. The culture of Iceland is settled by emigrants from Scandanavia and british Isles. It's mainly an influence of culture in Europe and America.
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In the book, The Hobbit, the setting is described to be hilly, covered with grass. in Iceland, it is also covered with grass and small hills. Also, there is flat land, so the hobbits can walk out of their houses and have open land to walk in the movie. The only negative side of Iceland, is the lack of trees. The small hills of Iceland will make great hobbit holes, and the grass is just as described in the book. Also, when the dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo went to the mountain, there are mountains in Iceland for that adventure.
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Counter Argument

Iceland would make the best version of Middle Earth, because of the flat land with small hills, grass and few trees, and mountains. There aren't many places that have this description of the scenery, but there is no place that would have it as the book would describe Middle Earth. Although New Zealand did make a good idea of middle Earth, but there didn't look like it had enough grass and hills. Everything that would represent Middle Earth is in the same area, so how could Iceland not be Middle Earth.


To conclude, Iceland makes the best representation of Middle Earth, because of the small hills, covering of grass, mountains that are described in the book. There is a physical feature for every detail the book has to say, like the homes for hobbits, adventures to mountains, flat land for the hobbits to travel, and the grassy land that the hobbits live on. There isn't another place that can represent Middle Earth better than Iceland.