Paul's Advice!

Here I will answer your questions!

Why am I answering your questions?

This is a brand new religion for you and me! There are more questions and advise for you to be right on with this with me! You have given me tons of questions from the Romans, Coronations, and the Galatians! I will answer them to the best of my ability. Bye!

Question 1: Are there any Laws we need to follow? For example; In the Jewish Religion there is Kosher Food laws and circumcision. Are there any laws like that? -Confused Person

I am aware of those laws, and all about them. I believe we don't have follow Jewish Mosaic Laws!

Question 2: What day is the sabbath day? I have been A Jew my whole life and I have been going to church on Tuesday. Is it Tuesday -Early Christian

It's amazing how you have been a Jew for your whole life and now you want to convert! That is just truly amazing. The Sabbath day is Monday.

Question 3: Under what circumstances was this religion created? -Confused Jew

Well confused Jew its a long story, but i'll tell you the main points. We believe that Jesus is our savior and creator. You probably know we died on the cross AND HE DID NOT DESERVE IT! He gave up our life for us.

Question 4: Why were you killing all of those Christians? Why and how did you become a Christian? -Paul’s Question Submitter

I was killing all those Christians because I didn't believe that Jesus was the Messiah. I was converted when I was in the desert and Jesus appeared and I was blind.

Question 5: What foods can we eat? -Chef

Any food you want!

Question 6: I want to help spread the word and become a priest and preach! How do I become one? -Helpful Man

You must truly believe and know what has happened in the past. You must be baptized as well.

Question 7: Are there any laws against clothing ourselves? -Question needed

Nope, dress yourselves however you want!