4th Grade News

Week of April 23 - 27

Upcoming Events

April 24: 4th Grade Play Day

April 30: TMI student tour

May 14/15: STAAR Math/Reading

What are we learning?


Financial Literacy

We will:

  • distinguish between fixed and variable expenses
  • calculate profit
  • compare the advantages and disadvantages of various savings options
  • describe how to allocate a weekly allowance
  • describe the basic purpose of financial institutions

***Please work on multiplication facts at home. The more fluent your child is with their facts the better off they will be throughout the year as we learn new concepts. Learning multiplication facts is like learning sight words when you first learn to read. We want your child to become very fluent with their math facts this year. This will help them as we get to some very daunting word problems later this year. They will not have to stop each time to solve and be able to keep reading for understanding.

Fun links to help with facts:





Reading and Writing


We will continue reading The Candymakers while looking at the characters and how they are developing as we get deeper into the story. With only 3 weeks left until the Reading STAAR test, we will turn our focus to practicing more non-fiction, paired selections, poetry and drama passages. This week we will focus on elements of poetry and poetry vocabulary.



· Plants and animals: How are living things adapted to their environment?

  • How do plants reproduce
  • How do animals reproduce?
  • Metamorphosis (complete and incomplete)
  • Why do bird beaks differ?
  • What are heredity, instincts ,and learned behaviors?

Social Studies

Students will describe the development of the free enterprise system in Texas and describe how the free enterprise system works (including supply and demand). They will be able to give examples of the benefits of the free enterprise system such as choice and opportunity.

Cafeteria A La Carte Options

The cafeteria offers the following items throughout the week:
  • Chips- Monday - Wednesdays for 1.00
  • Thursdays- Ice Cream for 1.00
  • Fridays - Cookies for .50

Box Tops

Earn cash for our school with Box Tops for Education! Our PTA is setting up some exciting classroom competitions. All funds will be used to restock our recess equipment for each grade level. Clip and save all of your box tops, then have your child turn them in to their teacher. Help make a difference at RES!
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