The No-Guitar Blues

Poster by: Kyle Kilgore

The story of a boy who wanted a guitar.

This is a story about a boy named Fausto. Fausto wanted nothing else but a Guitar for christmas, but his family could not afford one for him. Because his family was broke and could not afford a guitar, Fausto was going around doing yardwork, but it was winter time now and he didn't have as many jobs as he did in the summer. With the disparity that he had he decided to do something that he would not forgive himself for.

Fausto's mistake.

Fausto, a young man, lived with his mom. This year for christmas Fausto wanted a guitar, but his family had lacked the money to buy him one. Due to this, Fausto had to think of a way to make his own money, so he decides to do yard work. Since it was winter there wasn't much yard work that Fausto could do. In the story it says, "He went door-to-door, but after three hours he managed to only get one job, and not to rake leaves. He was asked to hurry down to the store to buy a loaf of bread for which he received a grimy, dirty-caked quarter."(page 29) After all this, he sat down on a curb and started eating an orange. As he was eating his orange a dog walked up and sniffed him, so Fausto pushed him away, as he did he threw a orange peel in the air and the dog ate it. After playing with the dog for a bit he finds a "Fancy collar" on the dog which is very rare, and on the collar were some tags with the owners address on it. He decides to come up with a scheme, he decides to return the dog to its owners and try to get a reward for it. So the time comes and he returns it to its' owners. He knocks at the owners door and a man answers, Fausto says "Sir, I found your dog by the highway." the owner seems convinced and invites Fausto inside, the man tells his wife that "we have a visitor." This very low spoken lady talks to fausto in the softest tone that he has every heard. The sweet lady offers Fausto, a turnover and Fausto didn't know what a turnover was, so Fausto asked, "What do you need me to turnover?" The lady which was named Helen chuckled, and explained, "no dear, it's a pastry." After he ate the pastry he thought it was about time to go, as soon as he was about to leave the man pulls out his wallet and gives Fausto a Twenty dollar bill. Fausto tried to give it back but the man said no. After this he wanted to keep this a secret, and away from his parents. He set his money in his room and stared at it in regret. They next morning he didn't need anyone to wake him up before they went to church, he was already up. "(After arriving at church and worshiping), the wicker basket came around and he reluctantly stuck a hand in his pocket and pulled out the Twenty-dollar bill. He ironed the bill between his hands, and dropped it into the basket." After church service Fausto felt alot better and went home happily. During dinner his mom mentioned seeing a old-bass guitarron the last time they cleaned out her fathers garage. So it all worked out in the end for Fausto, he returned a dog, donated to the church, and got a guitarron, Fausto was very happy after getting his guitarrion and having his grandpa teach him!