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Sunday, March 20th - End of the 1st Qtr, Starting Unit 9


I will be submitting 3rd quarter grades on Tuesday night. Hopefully, you finished everything over the weekend. However, if you didn't, you have until Tuesday night to pull up your report card grade! After Tuesday, you can still work to improve your overall Latin II grade, but I will not be able to change your 3rd quarter grade on your report card.

Happy first day of Spring!

Culture Cafe

There are no Latin Culture Cafes until next month, but there are some cool ones coming up from other departments. Check them out HERE.

To get juicy extra credit points that I will add to your Final Exam score, just shoot me an email with your notes attached or a picture of your notes! Enjoy!

Participant Telephone dial in: (571) 392-7703

PIN: 942 684 936 988

Click HERE for link to class.

Live Classrooms

This week, I will be in the Live Classroom on Monday at 5:00 PM. Other teachers also offer Live Classroom sessions if you can't make it to mine. Please click below to see the schedule for Live Class sessions each week.

Live Class Schedule