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ARE Media Center News - July 2017

Beginning of Year 2017-2018 Edition!

Color Printer

We have a new color printer! The PTA generously bought us a new HP color printer. It is located in the same place as the old one in the Media Center. In order to print you must come to the Media Center and use the computer that faces the office. Please be sure to choose the correct printer!

A few requests:

  • Limit yourself! The PTA is only buying 1 set of color cartridges per quarter (because they cost around $800 per set!) so when we run out, we're out until the start of the 2nd quarter. If it seems like just a few teachers are using up all the ink, we'll have to put individual limits on how much each of you can print and I really do not want to have to monitor that!
  • Please think before you print - are you going to keep these papers for a long time? Are they going to be laminated and used over and over again?? If they're going to end up in the recycling bin in a few days... is it really worth printing them in color???
  • If you've already printed quite a bit, please hold off for now. Track 4 is not even here yet and they will not be happy if we're out of ink before their work days!

Book Check Out

The number of books students in each grade can check out is as follows:

K - 1

1st - 1

2nd - 2

3rd - 3

4th - 4

5th - 5

Open Circulation

The media center opens for students at 8:45 and closes at 3:45.

During arrival - students must report to their classroom FIRST before visiting the Media Center. This allows them to unpack and check in with you and get your permission to come exchange a book. 1st-5th grade students are ready to start doing this - Kinder teachers, please wait until after I let you know your class is ready for independent check out.

During the day - students in grades 2-5 may come to the Media Center at any time of the day as long as they have your permission (and are wearing a library pass). Please do not send more than 3-4 students at a time to help limit disruption as I will almost always be teaching when they come in this year.

Library Passes

We are going to be more strict about requiring students to wear/bring a library pass every time they come to the Media Center this year. Please help them remember to wear them each time, as this is the only way we know for sure that you gave them permission to visit the Media Center.

If you are in need of library passes please email Lisa Smith (lsmith3@wcpss.net) with how many you need. Each class should have 3-4 passes for students to use when visiting the library to get books throughout the day.

Media & Technology Advisory Committee

I am looking for at least 2 teachers per grade level (preferably on different tracks) to serve on the Media & Technology Advisory Committee. This year we will be working together to develop a Collection Management Plan and review our school's current media and technology policies. We will meet every other month. If you are interested in being on this committee please email me (llsantiago@wcpss.net).

Junior Librarians (Grades 3-5)

I will be reading through applications and making decisions about Junior Librarians this weekend. If you have a student that still wants to apply, have them come see me ASAP.

Google Classroom

I'm going to be using Google Classroom with grades 3-5 this year! If you are interested in using it with your class, I'd be happy to help you get things set up. Hopefully, the extra practice using it in the Media Center will mean things will go smoother with you when you use it!

New Desks!

Lisa and I both have new desks out in the Media Center this year. You can now find me working out by the Promethean board in the back of the Media Center and Lisa's new desk is at the end of the circulation desk.

Computer Lab & Media Center Computer Sign-ups

Below are the new links for signing up to use the Laptops in the Media Center and to bring your class to use the Computer Lab (room 107). The Media Center times are very limited due to the my need to use them with my classes. However, the Computer Lab is open all day every day. In both circumstances, please be sure to stay with your class the entire time.

Media Center Computers

Computer Lab


Our goal this year is that every student bring their own set of headphones to school. These headphones would be for any time they use a device that makes sound. There are many reasons for this decision - first and foremost being cleanliness and comfort. Also, the headphones the school was providing cost approx. $15 each and we cannot afford to continually replace them as they break (which happens more frequently than you'd think). We understand that not all students will be able to bring in headphones, so after you get a good feel for your class, if you are short a few pairs - we will give you a couple that you can assign to those students for the year. There will also be buckets with a few headphones in them here in the Media Center and in the Computer Lab as back-up for when you bring your whole class.

Situations where your student will need to bring & use their own headphones:

  • Using the computers in your classroom
  • When you check out an iPad or Laptop cart
  • When you visit the Computer Lab as a whole class
  • When I request they bring them with them to Media Class
  • Any other scenario where they are using a device that makes noise :)

Lessons w/ Mrs. Santiago

Due to a very full schedule this year, I will not have many open times to schedule extra lessons. However, I will be seeing almost every single class almost every week. So if there is a topic or specific lesson that you would like me to cover with your class please let me know! I'd be happy to incorporate your class content and needs into my lessons. I'm even willing to skip what I had planned to help with what you're doing! Use me as a resource! :)

Dibels Next Kits

Please check to make sure your room has a Dibels Next Kit. If you do not, or are missing anything from your box, please let me know ASAP.

Equipment Needs

If you need help setting up your document camera or are in need of some additional equipment, let me know ASAP. You can email me (llsantiago@wcpss.net) or drop a note in my mailbox.

Leveled Book Room Database

Don't forget -

The Leveled Book Room has a database of ALL the books in that room. The link below will take you to a Google Sheet that has each set's title, author, number of copies, Guided Reading Level, Lexile Level (if we could find it), the old Wake County level, whether it is Fiction or Non-Fiction, and any notes about the book. The database is organized by level and is searchable (by going to Edit and selecting Find and Replace). The very best part is that you can access this list at home! Now you can know what we have in the Book Room without having to be in the Book Room! The database is below and also linked from the Teachers portion of my website.

Leveled Book Room Database

Book Requests

If there is a specific title (or many titles) or a topic that you wish we had more books on please click the link below and fill out the form. I will also be adding this request form to my website and email signature for any future requests.

Book Request Form