Kindergarten Connection

September 2, 2022

Off To A Great Start!

It has been a pure delight to once again have students in our classrooms. Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift...your child! We hope they enjoyed these past three weeks of school. We are not sure if the teachers or the students are more tired:)

Here are a few things we are learning:

  • Classmate's names (work in progress)
  • Morning Meeting Routines (greeting, share, activity, message)
  • Classroom Centers
  • Play Plans: Writing Process and Routines
  • Sound Maps (alphabet charts)
  • Exploring math tools
  • Graphic Practice (Handwriting)
  • "Must Do" work
  • Library visits
  • Fire Drill Practices
  • Rhyming and Syllables
  • Learning to eat during lunch and not "chat" as much...Ha Ha Ha
  • Learning to eat snack before playing

Library Books & Friday Folders

Kindergarten students visit the library weekly. This week they have brought home either one or two books to read at home. It is very helpful to us if you could help your child to return their book to school on or before Thursday. Students without any overdue library books can always check out new books during their library visit time.

Please make sure to check your child's "Friday Folder" for items from the week and other important parent information. Folders should be returned to school each Monday. Please check your child's folder for our FIRST kindergarten BOOK BINGO homework sheet. We hope you enjoy sampling a variety of new book titles with your kindergarten student.

Accidents Do Happen!

Although we encourage children to use the bathroom throughout the day, potty accidents are common in a kindergarten classroom. Please know that we will handle these situations with great kindness! It is helpful for students to have a change of clothing in their backpacks. We do have clothing here, but find that kindergarten students feel more comfortable in their own clothing from home.

It might be a good idea to practice and encourage independence with wiping 😉! We have had a few children showing some difficulty with this self care task.

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Labor Day: No School September 5th
  • Non Student Contact Day: September 23rd...No school for students
  • Picture Day: October 3rd
  • Family Conferences: October 4th & 6th (SignUp coming soon)
  • Book Fair: October 4th, 5th, 6th
  • Non Student Contact Day: October 20th...No school for students
  • Fall Break: October 21st - No school

Snack Breaks

Thank you for packing 2 snacks each day and placing them in the front pocket of your child's backpack. Snacks can be anything that can be eaten without the use of a spoon or fork. Think "Finger Foods" or "Dry" packaged items (ideas: sliced apples, strawberries, snap peas, granola bars, carrots, red pepper slices, dried apricots, snack crackers, bananas, pepperoni slices, fruit snacks....)

It has been working perfectly for the children! They are able to quickly grab a snack and transition to our breaks seamlessly thanks to you!

Please don't forget to send a clean and filled water bottle each day to school. Drinking fountains were removed from our classroom last year to cut down on the spread of germs. We will gladly refill water bottles as needed!!

Kindergarten Treasures in Pockets

Kindergarten is full of especially enticing trinkets and small parts! Many times these items are taken home in pockets and/or backpacks. If you should find a little something from school, please have your child return them, no matter how small. If pieces are not returned, our games, literacy, math, science and social studies invitations are rendered useless without those little pieces and parts. Thank you ahead of time for your help!

Toys from Home

We have noticed many students bringing special jewelry, toys and Pokemon cards from home. These items cause big distractions and if items are lost or stolen can cause hurt feelings. Please assist us by frequently cleaning out and checking backpacks on a weekly basis and helping to keep those items at home. Thank you!


Can you believe that SNOW could be right around the corner! Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to enjoy outside recess. Yes, we go out, even when it snows. We do have strict guidelines around outside temperatures and will keep them inside when the temperature is 19 degrees or lower.

When sending your child to school in snow boots, it is extremely helpful to us that your child also packs a pair of SLIP ON style shoes (keeps us from having to tie 32 shoes)! It is also very uncomfortable for students to sit with big snow boots on their feet all day while at school. The snow boots also track muddy slush across our carpet areas where students often need to sit during instruction.

Curriculum Night Slides

Click the above button to access our slides from Curriculum Night which was held on Thursday, August 25th. Thank you to those families that were able to attend! It was great to meet you!