The Legend of Dracula

Created by Tahj Steen and Karolina Krozel (Period 2)

Article 1 : Alternate Ending (Tahj)

The ending of the novel Dracula left the readers of the late 1800's with a completed ending, as Jonathan and Mina were able to live peacefully after the entire ordeal, Quincey Morris dying from his wounds from the final battle (for who Jonathan and Mina address their son by as he was named after all four members of the party that killed Dracula) and so on. If there were to be an alternative ending, still have the events of the final fight and aftermath play out the same way. But for the last page or so of the book, have readers learn that the dust pile that was formerly the body of Dracula rises back from the ground and reshapes into the Count, signifying that one cannot truly kill evil.

Article 2 : Lucy's Change (Karolina)

One of the most interesting events for me to occur throughout the novel is Lucy’s transformation. Despite her secret blood transfusions and other procedures performed on her, such as keeping garlic flowers near her (which she is told by Van Helsing they are medicinal flowers, but she is aware that it is garlic due to her turning). Dr. Seward and Van Helsing cannot truly determine what is wrong with Lucy as her “condition”, which heightens the question of “What is wrong with Lucy?” leaving Dr. Seward and Van Helsing unsure of what to do. It might have possible that Van Helsing knew of her situation, but never saw the change first hand.

Article 3 : The Mind of Renfield (Tahj)

Renfield is the oddball character among the cast due to his pure insanity, which has developed into an actual real life syndrome called “Renfield Syndrome” to characterize patients that are obsessed with drinking blood . Renfield has compulsions to eat smaller creatures, as he believed he would take their life force to have for himself. He then began to start a small food chain (flies to spiders, spiders to birds, etc.) in order to take in more “life force”. As the novel advances, despite his demented mind, Renfield is actually discovered to be under the influence of Count Dracula himself.

Article 4 : Life at The Castle (Karolina)

Another interesting story to occur in Dracula is Jonathan Hawker’s stay at Castle Dracula. The first few nights at the castle seemed normal for Jonathan as the Count treated him fairly well. As he stayed longer, that’s when things began to get stranger. One prime example of these strange events occurring is while Jonathan is shaving and Count Dracula is behind him, yet there is no reflection of the Count in the mirror in front of Jonathan. Another strange occurrence is Jonathan watching the Count crawl down the side of the castle as if he were a lizard. All of these and other events that Jonathan witnessed should have been red flags for him to leave the castle, but the reason on why he stayed could be due to the curiosity of who, or what, Count Dracula was.

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Dracula in a younger form of himself (Prince Vlad) and Mina Harker. (Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992)
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The Count Himself played by Gary Oldman in the 1992 adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula".
Bram Stokers Dracula - Lucy Nearly Turned