Basketball Coach

By: Gabriella Gisone 802

Job description

To be a basketball coach you much have the skills to do what the players do. Basketball coaches have to have the patience, communication, listening skills, and teaching skills to teach players to perfect plays. To be a coach to have to be tough. Whenever you see a coach they always looks like they are mad, they aren't they are just pumping up the players.


Patience- It takes a long time to teach a play and then make it turn out perfect.

Teaching- Teach players tips to improve on being a better player.

Listening- Listen to what your players say, because they might be struggling with something. As a coach you can help them.

Communication- Talk to your players. Help them become a better team.

Opportunities for Advancement

Those who become sports coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about sports, and enjoy teaching them to others. They find instructing others to be highly rewarding, and they get a great amount of satisfaction from watching others succeed. Sports coaches must be trustworthy, have high moral standards and be able to instil confidence in others. Those who become sports coaches must be comfortable giving directives to others, and must have enough organizational and creative ability to plan and conduct practices, as well as develop strategies for their team.


The average salary for a basketball coach is $39,150.


First you need to get a Bachelor's Degree. Next you need coaching experience. Then you need to work as an assistant coach. Then you have to obtain a certification from the high school you went too. Lastly advance in the field. After you get your certification try working as a head coach for junior high.