Earth Trash

recycle or not?


The problem with Earth is people throw away products that are silly and is ridiculous stuff that can be easily recycled such as paper, plastic, and bottles. You could change your school into a green school by recycling!


One way you could make your school a "green school" is you could recycle. More than 100 million aluminum cans are burned every day so your school could help reduce that number by recycling aluminum cans. Another way you could help your school become a "green school" is the children who pack their lunch could use a reusable lunch box and also use reusable containers for their lunch snacks. The last way for your school to become a "green school" is you could compost all the excess food the lunch ladies don't use or cook or even the food you don't eat. Other ways to start making your school into a "green school" is start clubs and talk to your principal about it. Soon your school will become a "green school"!