Someone to Carry Me Away

Devina Tavathia

About Me

Obvioulsy, I am Daisy the dog from the Mammalia classy, or class (depicted by picture below). Stuck on four legs, I need a chance to be able to fly away. Since I am a scientific genius, I intend to make new species of animals; a "birdo". I am all about living life, so hopefully you and I can have live birth. I will always keep you warm and toasty with my warm blood. Milk is my favorite treat. Milkbones, icecram, and cheese are all things I love, even if sometimes I get a stomache ache afterwards. I plan to share this trait with my offspring, for it will be easy for me to feed them, and the milk will make sure they grow up STRONG!

My Match?

About You

My mate has to be part of the Aves class, in other words a master acrobatic (only walks on two legs), and someone else to keep me warm (all birds are warm blooded). Your job is simple. I am not looking for "love love", but an experimental subject to work with to come up with a new species of animals. I will conduct tests on you to make sure our offspring are featherless, but also have wings. Further, giving live birth instead of laying sunny-side-ups is accomplishable. In other words, if you want to be part of a scientific experiment that changes future generations to come, AND receive a $1,000 reward, I am the perfect mammal for you bird! You keep me fly!

This bird is not as classy as it?