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Happenings In Panther Nation - November 2020

On early Tuesday morning, as I was riding my bike, I applied my brake to begin slowing down to turn back towards the house for the final leg of the ride. As I completed the turn and began peddling, I realized that the brake had failed to release, and it had become tough to pedal.

I continued to attempt to pedal and free the brake, but it was solidly in place and did not appear to be releasing. It quickly became apparent that I needed to stop and solve and the issue. As I attempted to look at the rear tire in the dark, I realized that the braking mechanism was much different than the bike I rode as a child. After realizing I didn’t have a clue of what to do, I got back on the bike, began peddling, and quickly recognized that the brake had released!!

As I rode back to the house, I reflected that our journey this year is very similar to this incident. We have been traveling a journey on which it feels that we are “in the dark” most of the time and need to apply the brakes. And when we do “apply the brakes,” they tend to stick and stop all progress. This can cause us to worry about when and where to “use the brakes” while we are on our journey.

I believe that there are three thoughts to take away from this:

1) Sometimes we don’t need to apply the brakes! This year has presented some scary and stressful moments. We are changing faster and more radically than ever before. While this change is scary, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. Good things are happening out of the change, and we may not need to “apply the brakes” and slow down but instead, adjust to the speed and embrace the change.

2) We need to be careful how hard we apply the brakes! As we travel on our personal journey, we will have times that we need to monitor our speed and slow down. But we must be careful that we don’t stop all progress in an attempt to regain control. It is so easy to overextend in all areas of our life, including how we control the speed of change.

3) Sometimes we need to come to a complete stop! This journey is a hard road and has many turns, bumps, inclines, and declines. If we are not focused on the specific aspects of our journey, we can begin traveling so fast that we will lose control. The truth is that at times we need to stop, focus on ourselves, and recharge.

As we look forward to having a week off, I highly encourage you to do #3. Apply the brakes, come to a complete stop, and recharge. Focus on yourself and your family and reconnect with those that you haven’t dedicated the time to. This holiday season needs to be about you and your loved ones, and you DO NOT need to feel guilty about that being your focus. You have poured into your job until the point that there is nothing left to pour. My prayer is that you will have a restful holiday and know that I love you and care deeply about you!!


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School Board Update

During the Special Called Board Meeting on November 16, the following items came before the School Board.

The School Board canvassed the ballots for the November 3rd School Board Trustee election.

Jeff Cooper, Bryan Jones, and Ronnie Stanhope were sworn in for their respective positions.

During the November Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Christine Bedre presented a curriculum update in which she discussed Early Childhood and College, Career, and Military Readiness goals.

Christine Bedre presented the Westwood Elementary Targeted Improvement Plan.

Ky;e Johnson presented a finance update in which he discussed Program Intent Codes, Summary of Finance, and the current PIC standing in the District.

The School Board unanimously approved the WES Targeted Improvement Plan as presented.

The School Board unanimously approved the Early Childhood, College, Career, and Military Readiness goals as presented.

The School Board unanimously approved the budget amendment as presented.

The School Board unanimously approved the Remote Homebound Instruction Waiver as presented.