by Jj Burgess 7th hour

Media Influences

  • Rarely are characters on TV shown with diabetes.
  • When people are on commercials and have diabetes, they are shown as being older. Actually, young kids are usually diagnosed with type I diabetes.

Interpersonal Communications

  • Young people who are diagnosed with diabetes can talk a doctor that specialized in diabetes.
  • Teens could also talk to a school nurse or other teens or people who have diabetes.

Immediate Risk Factors
  • People who do not pay attention to their blood sugars, they can get low blood sugars which are low (below 65) that will cause brain cells to die.
  • Hign blood sugars can damage kidneys if allowed to go high enough.
Long-Term Risk Factors
  • Some of the long term problems are cardiovascular disease, nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney damage (nephropathy),eye damage (retinopathy), and skin and mouth conditions
  • If a diabetic does not take good enough care of their feet, they could lose most feeling in them, or lose them entirely.
  • If blood sugars are allowed to go high enough, it will turn your blood acidic.


  • Currently, more research is being done on pancreatic transplants.
  • New technologies are being developed for automatic pumps that eliminate the need for so many shots.