HCR's Rosie Reader

Weekly Newsletter, November 21, 2021

Dear Highcroft Families

In this time of being grateful and showing gratitude, I like to take a minute to thank the HCR community. We have a strong PSO who give so much of their time, money and energy to make HCR a great school. We have collected tons of food for the Parkway Food Pantry, which will make an impact across the district. We have earned thousands of dollars through fundraisers for a primary playground. We had a record number of families connect for conferences.

This collective humanity, community, and communication make Highcroft Ridge the special place that it is.

Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for trusting us with your most precious children. We have outrageous love for you and your children.

We are Ava Strong!

Please have your students wear tie-dye or Ava Strong clothing on Monday to celebrate her first day! We all love you, Ava!

Nurse Hubert's Newsletter, November 2021

Happy Late Fall Everyone,

Parkway will be having several COVID vaccination clinics for students ages 5-12, everyone has been sent the link by Parkway but here it is just in case you missed it.

Parkway COVID Vaccine Clinic for ages 5-12

I hope you are all able to get your students vaccinated. Please hold on to those Vaccine cards. I will be sending out a link within the next week or so where you can go directly to a site to download your child’s COVID vaccine information for Parkway.

In health news, we are seeing a lot of various viral illnesses currently in the community. These are very hard to distinguish from COVID, Strep, and Influenza. Please remember to keep in touch with your pediatrician when your child has symptoms of a fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, rashes, cough, or stomachache. They are the ones who know your child best and most, if not all, have same-day appointments that you can get your child into that day. Call early in the morning if your child has developed symptoms overnight. Your child’s doctor wants to know when your child is sick. They are the first line of care for your child.

Please remember to send your child in with a clean mask every day. Wearing a dirty mask for days in a row is like breathing through a dirty air filter. It can make your child sick or prevent them from getting better after being sick. You wouldn’t let them wear dirty underwear every day, would you?

Did you know that if your child has been diagnosed with COVID, Strep or Influenza, or other bacterial or viral illnesses, you should get your child a new toothbrush after they have been started on antibiotics after 24 hours? If your child wears any retainers or has removable dental appliances they should be brushed thoroughly and soaked in mouthwash daily.

Check with your child’s dentist or orthodontist for specific instructions on how to clean oral appliances after an illness.

Burrrr, it’s been cold outside lately. Please remember to send your student in with a warm jacket or coat every day as well as a hat and gloves. I have a very limited supply of these which I have to wash between student use. We will be going outside unless it is raining or in a danger zone for wind chill factors.

I hope you are all able to enjoy that Thanksgiving break coming up and have memorable times with your family and friends. If you are traveling out of town please be safe.

Here is to a healthy remainder of 2021!

Nurse Cathy



Rosie's Season of Giving

Rosie Season of Giving is an opportunity for gift help during the holidays. The children attending Highcroft will receive "something you want, something you wear, something you need, something you read". This is confidential through the Counselors, Social Workers, and Care Coordinators at Highcroft. Please sign up here if you are interested in being sponsored by a family and you will be contacted by your school counselor. Again, all this information is confidential and only our social workers, counselors, and care coordinators will know who is involved in this program.

If you would like to donate to Rosie's Season of Giving. Please sign up here!

Masks and Lanyards

Please be sure you are sending your child to school with several masks and lanyards. Many children find it very useful to put the mask on lanyards so when they go outside or eat or drink they don't have to put the mask down. It also reduces lost masks.

We are going through many school-purchased masks for kids who forgot their masks. We have also received donations of new masks from families. Thank you!

Important Dates


  • 22 All Read 3:20 PM

  • 24-26 No School for Thanksgiving Break

  • 30-12/3 4th Gr. Bullying Lessons by SPARK


  • 9 PSO Meeting

  • 15 Early Release at 2:00 pm

  • 15 International Day of Dance

  • 22 Half Day - Release at 1:00 pm

  • 22 Winter Parties @ 12:00 pm

  • 22-31 No School - Winter Break

To see events for the year click here.

Help Out the Art Room

*Calling all cardboard collectors! This month, the art room is opening up the sculpture construction center, and is in need of your recyclables! Please consider sending in broken-down delivery boxes, cereal boxes, cardboard pieces, toilet paper tubes, plastic bottles, and jar caps, and small, washed-out plastic containers.

*We are also taking donations of ‘new’ items like paper cups, pipe cleaners, buttons, brass brads, rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, large beads, junk drawer items, old (small) electronic bits and parts, among other sculpture-worthy items!

*Thank you for supporting the amazing, prolific creativity of the Highcroft students!