Mammoth Cave National Park

By Gus and Ryan

About Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in the Southeast region of the United States in Kentucky. The climate inside the cave is always 54º fahrenheit, but the degrees outside of the cave changes. It is mostly warm outside of the cave. Many people come in warm seasons like Spring and Autumn to go camping. Mammoth Cave was formed by water trickling through the little cracks in the surface. The water eroded the rock and widened it up. This created a large and beautiful cave full of animals and even lakes! Mammoth Cave itself is a landform! Inside of the cave there are stalactites and stalagmites. Stalagmites are rock icicles that come out of the ground. They are formed by stalactites (rock icicles that come from the cave ceiling) coming down and building up. There are plants in mammoth cave, but the plants are only outside of the cave. Mammoth Cave is the largest cave in the world.

Deerfield School

Ryan about mammothcave by Deerfield School

Cave Formation

A cave is a large underground area. There are many explored caves, and,

there are caves that we don’t even know about! Caves are waiting to be discovered! Caves are mostly beautiful. Most caves have stalactites and stalagmites. This is how caves were formed: Water trickled through the cracks in the surface of the Earth and mixed with chemicals. This formed acid. The acid and water eroded through the rock underground. This formed a large area called a cave. The water dissolved all of the rock. This process of erosion takes hundreds of thousands of years.

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Gus cave formation by Deerfield School

Interesting Facts

1. Mammoth Cave is the largest cave in the world

2. Mammoth Cave has 360 miles of mapped passages

3. Eyeless Fish are swimming in the cave waters

4. It is always 54º f inside of the cave

5. 1.7 million people visit the park each year