Hannah's Christmas traditions

How my family celebrates Christmas

special,foods,music,clothes,and more!


Around Christmas time my family and I love to make Christmas cookies and also eat candy canes! And make Jesus's birthday cake!


Around Christmas time my family and I love to lesten to nice Christmas music like...Frosty the snowman, Jingle bell rock, Jingle bells, Rophof the red nosed riandeer!


Arond Christmas time the ushal colors are Red, Green, and White!

When was it celebrated?

We all know Christmas is celebrated on Dec.25 because jessusus birthday is on Dec.25 but when I looked it up it showed august, 21 I dont know wich is true but im going with Dec.25!

wher I celilbrate

Usual its at my grandparents house or at my friends houseor at are own house!


My cosins me mom dad and brother all celilbrate togther!


Around Christmas time my family and I wher the Christmas colors red, green, white!

What day?



Christas is celibrated in many deferent here are just a few,Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Greece, Brail, Mexico!