All about me

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My name is Javier Maldonado, i was born in San Luis Potosí Mexico. I am in 10th grade. I'm 17 years old. I'm supposed to be in 11th grade but they failed me in 5th grade because I didn't know how speak English. I like to play soccer, I was in the schools team but I quit because I want to look for a job after school. I like dropped trucks a lot, Chevy Silverado are my favorite ones. I used to have a Dodge Ram dropped but I sold it and I got a dropped chevy Silverado.

future goal

my future goal is to graduate from high school, and go to UTI which is a mechanic technology school.

Personal Motivation

My motivation are both of my parents, because they're very hardworking, and they never give up. They always make sure we're getting what we need.


I have 6 sisters. I'm the only boy
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My soccer team

I been with them for like 2 years.

2015 winter break

I went to San Luis Potosí, Mexico only for two weeks but they were amazing because I got to see the rest of my family.


Something I'll never change is respect. If you want respect I'll respect you too. I'll treat you like you treat me. I don't give respect to people they have to earn it.
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