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Top 10 Very Important Questions for Home Projects

10. Do I remove the baseboard or leave it when installing new floors?

9. Replace the tub or have it refinished?

8. Replace or reface cabinets--What’s the real difference?

7. Is a Roman shower right for us?

6. Where can I save with paint and workmanship and not sacrifice quality?

5. How do I get high-end lighting design on a low-end budget?

4. Should I buy Home Depot sinks and faucets or go to plumbing specialist?

3. Where’ s the value in engineered, laminated, and hard woods?

2. To sell my home quickly, what’s the minimum I need to do?

1. How is it possible to have great design and still save on my remodel project?

Hi, I’m Bill Morgan.

In my 15 years in construction, I’ve been a high-end flooring sub-contractor, a cabinet and granite specialist, and level 5 contractor, working in the most challenging Sarasota high rise and waterfront environments. I’ve been fortunate to work and learn from many of the greatest clients, designers, and builders anywhere: experience which I bring to your project. When you bring me into your project you can expect a fresh, innovative approach, and someone who listens to you. I know great design and management is diminished without one other ability: completing your project on time and within budget. I’ll show you how my design and building method can save you up to 50% on whole projects while adding to the quality.I'm excited about the possibilities from working on your project!

Call me now and tell me about your project!

Call me now and tell me about your project! 941-306-4312

  • From fresh, small bathrooms to deluxe, dream bath escapes.

  • Whole home transformations—rejuvenate the old homestead and save.

  • Outstanding kitchen designs built on a budget.

  • Smart repairs, major and minor, from plumbing to roofs, painting and flooring,-- done once, done right.

  • Get million $ design for the new sensible living: beauty and luxury resized.

  • Sell your property quickly and at high end with fast and economical remodel.

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