Extra task

Aarón Egidos

a. What do you do before an exam?

I usually start studying few days before an exam. For example if it is a difficult exam, I start five or six days before. However if it is an easy exam I study just two days. I try to study everything before the last day, in which I only revise all the contents.

b. What were you doing when Spain won the World Cup?

That night my friends and I went to a restaurant to watch the football match. We had dinner together and when we knew that Spain was the winner we ran to the pool. Everybody was there having fun. The night did not end really well because I fell down and I injured my arm.

c. Things that you haven't done and you would like to do.

I have never jumped from a plane and this is one of my dreams in life. Besides, I have not traveled to New York and I really want to. I have already swum with dolphins, but I want to repeat it with seals or sharks. The last thing is that I have never learned swedish or german and I would like to do it.

d. Best places to travel in Europe.

It depends on the person but one of my best places to go is Gothenburg. It is a city in Sweden where you can have so much fun. I also like Paris, the lovely city which has the well-known Eiffel Tower. In winter I love visiting Netherlands, the country in which everywhere you go is like a fairy tale.

e. How will the world be in 2050?

It will not be very different but the technology will develop a lot. I think that there will be smart houses that will do all our work. There will be microchips in our skins that will allow us to control everything around us. Besides, we will be able to travel everywhere by teletransport.

f. I you had been born in a poor county, how would your life have been?

If I had been born in a poor country, I would not have the meal on my table everyday. I would have to work everyday since I were 13 years old or I would have to take care of my siblings. If I lived far from a river with good water, I would have to walk a lot of kilometers to drink some water.

g. Can you explain the basic driving rules?

You have to obey the traffic lights and signals. You cannot impede the flow of traffic. You also have to signpost the maneuvers previously. Besides, you should drink something with caffeine and stop each 2 hours in long trips. You must wear your belt to keep your safety. You should increase your atention in crowded places or school zones.

h. Brief history of the Coliseum in Rome.

It was an amphitheater built in Rome in the year 80 a.C by the emperor Tito. The gladiators performed battles for the emperor. Many people were also murdered on the gladiator wars by lions or big animals. Besides, a lot of naval battles were performed on it. It was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt many years later.

i. What did your favourite singer say in his best song?

She says that her adolescence was ruined by the alcohol. She also says that when she writes about what she has lost, she thinks in the alcohol because it has been her first love. However, at the end of the song, she says that this experience had to exist to be like she is now.