First the Grinch and now Scrooge!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Last year the Grinch stole Christmas! You all remember that right? He tied an antler to his dogs head and drove down to Whoville with him tied to his sleigh. He stole all the presents, the food, the trees, and everything else! He noticed that the Who's didn't need presents to be happy on Christmas and his heart began to grow, so he gave every present back. You should never try to take something that is important to someone, away from them. The Grinch didn't like Christmas so he tried to get the Who's to stop singing their Christmas songs. This teaches people to be nice, and it teaches you not to try to control people.

A Christmas Carol

You all know who Scrooge is, don't you? In "A Christmas Carol" Scrooge starts out as a "bad guy," but near the end he becomes a "good guy." He was greedy, and all he cared about was his money. Later he meets with three Christmas spirits, that change his life for the better. He starts to be nice to everyone, and he is less greedy. This teaches people to be nice, care for others, and to not try to be controlling of other people.