Facebook Hostess Packet

Want an incredible party?? The goods are here!

Congrats! A facebook party is super fun!

The biggest success factor for your upcoming party is YOU! It's all about how you are able to connect with your friends and family through the invite process before the party, show participation during the party, and thoughtful follow-up after the party. I am committed to getting you as many free books as possible - let's do this!
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Party Set-Up:

About 5-7 days before the party I will set up an Event Page that I will add you to. I will do 1-2 posts a day leading up to the party for prizes and connecting.

Step 1: Personal Invites

Sending a personal message (via facebook messenger, email or text) is KEY to a successful party. Only sending an invite from the Event Page will not work - people feel like a number, versus being thoughtfully invited to something you are exited to share with them. To invite your friends, send them a message. (Copy/paste will be your best friend!) This party is a personal, private shopping experience, so less is more! This means not to invite more than 50. Here is a sample you could use to send your invite messages:
Hey Julie! I'm hosting an online Usborne Books party on facebook on __________. I just discovered these books, they are SO wonderful, and the party is actually really fun! I will be sending over an invite from the Event Page, so watch for that - I would love to "see" you there, so please RSVP with a yes or maybe!
Go through and invite by message those friends you think will enjoy our books (parents, aunts, teachers, grandparents, etc.) The goal is 30-50 people, and more than even 60 and we could be flagged for spam and end up with locked facebook accounts (aka: facebook jail). Yikes! They are really cracking down, so please be considerate of that.

Step 2: Inviting From The Event Page

AFTER you have gotten your 30-50 personal messages sent out, go to our Event Page and click the "Invite" button to enter their name and it will send them a generic notification to have them join us with an RSVP. (These can easily be missed, so we will send out a quick reminder a few days before the party.)

Step 3: Staying Connected & Closing

Good job! Now just browse the catalog and work on your wish list! I will be submitting your order for you to apply the discounts, so just be ready with what you'd like. Also, your friends are there to party with YOU, so stay connected by posting a couple of your favorites or tagging friends leading up to the party. Participate in the posts, show up for the party and have fun! Online orders ship directly to the customer. I will provide you with text to send a thoughtful follow-up to those who RSVP'd after the party is done to ensure we don't miss any orders. I will contact you with updates on your reward level and any amount that is due (1/2 price items, shipping/tax) as we close and submit. Orders ship between 1-2 weeks (usually very quickly!).

Start browsing the goods now with an online catalog! http://issuu.com/givebooksgivejoy/docs/jan-june_2016_ubam_mini_catalog/1

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The best way to save at your party is to become a book lady, too! You would obtain any parties that get booked, and qualify for the New Consultant incentive of double free at $250 in sales. Here are our Top 10 FAQs - let me know if you have any questions, or pass on the info to anyone you think could be blessed by this opportunity!


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