All About Jaime Edwards

Everything you need to know about me

Meet Jaime Edwards

My name is Jaime Edwards, I'm currently an 8th grader at Lubbock Cooper Middle School. I have 2 older sisters; one sister attends Texas Tech University, and the other is a freshman at JPii in Dallas, Tx. I play basketball, volleyball, and run track for the school. My favorite food is chicken.

What does it mean to be a leader

Being a leader means you bring out the best in people, or always have a positive attitude towards others. You speak up for others when they think they don't have a voice. Lastly, you are a good influence and always do the right thing.

Famous Influential Leaders

Leaders in My Life

1.Luke Siegel

2.Caitlin Edwards

3.Corie Edwards


Short Term Goals

1.Do good in the next volleyball game

2.Get good grades this whole week

3.Do all my homework this week

Long Term Goals

1Get into a good college

2.Get all good grades throughout high school

3.After college get a good job