We Need More Plants

Emily Manton Period 7 (Photosynthesis project)


We need more plants here on Earth... plants are needed because plants photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is inportant here on Earth. In order to have more oxygen for everybody we need more plants!! In this information it will tell you why we need it, what it makes for us and itself, and other more amazing information. I really hope that one day you will plant a lot of plants and trees for our environment!

Energy Transformation

In photosynthesis the energy transformation is very important. The plants get there energy from the sun which is radiant energy, then the plant will photosynthesis and make glucose which is chemical energy. So the energy transformation is radiant energy to chemical energy.

The Process

The process of photosynthesis is very easy, all you need to do is give a plant water, carbon dioxide, and light. Then the plant is all by itself photosynthesizing!! When it is done the products that it made is glucose (its food) and oxygen for us. So plants are very important to us!

Items You Will Need

The items that you need to give to the plant are light (radiant energy), water, and carbon dioxide. You need these for the plant to stay a live and photosynthesize these items are very, very important!! This is what they need to make new products for us and itself.

New Products

In photosynthesis there is always new products. It might take a while but there still will be new things that are made. One thing that photosynthesis makes it glucose. Glucose is a chemical energy, it is the plants food that it makes for itself. One other thing that is really important is that it makes oxygen, for you, me, everybody. This is a reason plants are important to Earth they give out oxygen for everyone. Just for this reason doesn't it make you want to go outside right now and plant new plants and trees? Well it sure does make me want to go!

The Formula

I know what you might be thinking right now. Your asking yourself, "Theres a formula for photosynthesis?" I know you probably did because I asked myself that question also. Well after I read about it and took notes I knew why. Its because you put all these things together and you get photosynthesis. Anyways the formula for it is in the picture down below. The first part of it represents carbon dioxide, then its water. You then add light to that at is makes glucose and oxygen!

What Are Chloroplasts

Chloroplasts are small organelles that are inside the plants cells. Chloroplasts are where photosynthesis first started! Inside the chloroplast is where the plant photosynthesizes, so basically that where it mostly happenes in organisms that are in the plants cells. I think that it is pretty cool that it photosynthesizes inside an organism. If you asked me where it happened before I learned about it, I would say what is a chloroplast? I dont know? But if you asked me today about it I could easily tell you what its pupose is and what it was.

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing of photosynthesis is that the plant gets its energy from the sun. I say this is important because without the sun... We wouldn't be here. The sun is the most important thing here on Earth. Without the sun everything would be dark, no food, no water probably, NOTHING!!!! The sun is the most important thing.

Why Are Plants Important To Animals

Plants are very important to animals, they give a lot of them food. So say that there was a bunny that ate grass and the grass was gone everything green gone. Well then all the bunnies would die and say coyotes ate the bunnies, well the coyotes would die and eventually there would be NO animals left on earth which would make the humans, us, die because we dont have anything to eat. So plants are important to MANY organisms, if plants were gone there would be no animals or people.

Food Chain

Up above is a picture of an owls food chain. As you can the plant is first, this is the same for every food chain the plants are always first!!! So you can see that the insect eats the plant, the mouse eats the insect, and last the owl eats the mouse. Lets say God never made plants so the plant is no longer in the food chain, well if that happened the insect will die. If the insect dies then the mouse dies, if the mouse dies the owl dies, etc. So it is important to have as many plants as we possibly can because if we have a lot and only one section was gone then we still of the others!

Why We Need it

So photosynthesis is very important to all of us, it gives us oxygen and without oxygen we would not be here, right now, today. We rely on photosynthesis, one reason we are still alive is because of photosynthesis, so photosynthesis is very important. So we need more plants for us to have lots of oxygen! Do you want to die tomorrow, if not then you better plant more plants and trees right now!!! If you don't then your lose. So please help everybody you love and if you don't love them then still help them, help everyone by planting. This is a major thing that has to happen on Earth so please help it keep going. Give all the plants in your house light, water, and carbon dioxide and the plant is off photosynthesizing. Please help our beautiful world, if you have any questions please contact me at 817-5pl-ants. Thank you for reading this page!