Pollution in the Chesapeake?

Why, when, and how to stop it

Why it happens

The pollution in the Chesapeake can happen in many different ways. The biggest way is from cities having bad laws and people just dump trash wherever they feel like.

Pollution comes from all cities, though these are the major culprits:




When it happens

Pollution can happen in many different ways. One way is that people can be careless. People like you and I can make more thrash than the city can hold, causing it to run into the Chesapeake Bay. It could also happen by accident, even if you do take the trash out, it CAN end up in the bay.

How to stop it

You can help stop pollution in the Chesapeake Bay too! By just recycling, putting trash where its suppose to be, and picking up trash when you see it, no matter where you are. I hope you will help with saving the Chesapeake bay now that you know all the harm we are doing to it.

What it affects

The pollution in the Chesapeake can tear apart the water ecosystem, including the things that rely on the water. The pollution could effect the wildlife in many different ways(see below pictures). The ways could vary from suffocating fish to them getting trapped. Finally, there's us, the people. We rely on the water. The fish have to deal with us and so do we. The fish have to deal with our pollution and its not even their fault, but if all the people work together, we would have enough drinking water for everyone around the bay. Think about it, if we had companies to purify the dirty water and people didn't pollute it would be so clean and homeless people could work at the purifying plant and make money. That eliminates two problems! But that's only if everyone bands together.
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