All About Me

By Morgan Delp

Things I Do Well

I do well with babies/being genitally with them, since I have had experience with my family. I also can draw really well sometimes, most of the time I have to be inspired otherwise it turns out bad. Finally I am really well making my family laugh, it's not all hard for us since we are a really funny family.

Things To Improve

There is only one thing I want to improve that is getting my grades up more. Since I want a good education and so I don't have to go to summer school, and my family will be proud of me.

My Hobbies

Horse Back Riding, Makeup/Nail Polish/Hair Styles, Drawing

Favorite Places

My favorite places are at home and at my older sisters. Why well when I hang out with my family I just like to stay home and when we are with my older sister we just like to hang out and be there with each other since we don't see each other EVERY day.

My Favorite Foods

My favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, and so much more foods I'm not mentioning. Since my little brother loves pizza it's almost like all we ever eat but you can't blaim him it is really good pizza.

My Family

I have a pretty big family my Mom Terri 38 yrs. old, my Dad Jim 46 yrs. old, my older sister Laura 22 yrs. old, my niece/ Laura's daughter Vienna (3 yrs. old), then there's me 13 yrs. old, my little sister Audrey 10 yrs. old, my little brother Ben 8 yrs old (turning 9 in June), and my youngest brother Daniel 6 yrs. old.

Our Pets

We don't have that many animals all we have is a cat, (Baby) who lives outside, a heeler australian shepherd puppy named cinnamon who lives inside, and soon to get a bunch of chickens and maybe a cow.

My Role Models

My role models are my mom, dad, and my older sister laura. This people are the ones who teach me about life and how to get through tough things and are just always there for me. They love me and I love them!

My Best Friend

My best friend has always been there for me since I was born, even if I did get into her stuff and liked to hang out with her a lot. She is Laura my best friend has always been laura, even school friends can't get high enough to be my best friend like laura is.

My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is softball I've been playing it since I was in pre-school. for some reason it makes me feel good and it makes me feel GREAT when i get to see my family's face to see play, or hit the ball, catch the ball it all makes me happy.