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May 2019

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News From The Principal

This has been an awesome year at BSE! Our students have learned so much this year and we as teachers have also learned with them! I have to brag about this school not just because I am the principal but because I have been in hundreds of schools and the culture and climate of this school is one of the best I have been a part of or witnessed in my almost 30 years on this job! We have something very special at this school and it really resonates around the word "community". At BSE our teachers know personally about each other and their lives. We celebrate happy times and give solace in the sad times, we celebrate birth and help our friends deal with the sorrow of death, we get mad and find better ways to express our disagreements, we help those who are struggling to be a better teacher and support them as needed when they have trouble in the classroom or with parents. In essence, our community at this school spills over and creates the overall way you feel when entering our doors. We hope you feel wanted and welcome because that is what we want our children to feel. We hope you like to laugh and have fun because that is what we like to do. We hope you strive to be kind because we work on this everyday with each other and with all those around us. We hope you can forgive us when we make mistakes because we want our children to learn from us what forgiveness looks like and that anger has no place in this world. We hope that you see us preparing your child academically but we also hope that you see us preparing your child for a world that is about getting along with others, learning how to compromise as well as persevere when the going gets tough!

Thank you to our fabulous PTA that helps make this school better for our students and for all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that volunteer or support our students at home. We can't do our job without your help! I am looking forward to next year and all the great things that we have planned for your students! Have a great summer! I hope my students will have lots of time to play and be creative and to enjoy their time off!

To a great summer!

Cindy Tesreau

Congratulations to Sithulini Karunarathne who received an Award of Excellence from the National PTA for her Musical Composition and an Award of Merit from the Tennessee PTA for her Safety Poster! We are very proud of Sithulini!

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Orientation Day Information for the 2019-2020 school year!

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Our school focus next year will be on Social Emotional Learning or SEL. Read below to find out what Social Emotional Learning is about and how it will benefit our children!

I took the following information straight off an internet site that has great information about this area. The site can be found at I have also included another site below that is excellent about social-emotional learning and how it can help our children.

What is SEL and why is it important?

Imagine a classroom where teachers are supportive, students are inspired, and children care about one another and are working together to solve challenging problems. That’s social and emotional learning (SEL) in action, and it’s happening in classrooms across the country.

We now know that children can learn respect, empathy, responsible behavior, and other social and emotional competencies that help them succeed in school and life. Research shows that social and emotional skills, attitudes, and behaviors can be taught and fostered throughout the day.

SEL in the classroom takes shape in a variety of ways. It is promoted through explicit instruction, often using an evidence-based program, and should also be integrated across classroom instruction and academic curriculum. SEL plays an important role in classroom climate—for example, how teachers build relationships with students, how students build relationships with each other, and how conflict and discipline are addressed.

Another critical element of classroom SEL is the interaction of teachers and students with parents and community members. This includes parent-teacher interactions, service-learning opportunities, and partnerships with community organizations. SEL, when it’s most effective, is part of daily classroom life where teachers use everyday instruction to foster positive working relationships, increase student engagement, and model constructive behaviors.

I am looking forward to working as a school to better reach all of our students, parents, and teachers. I want to focus on those issues that are difficult to talk about, behaviors that cause parents to stay up at night, frustrations for teachers in trying to help ALL the different students that are in our classrooms and still teach the academics. Our children are coming to school more and more with anxiety, depression, out of bound behaviors, disrespect, a sense of not belonging, privileged and the list continues. We as a school and as parents owe it to our children to find better ways to help them cope with the world that is around them today.

Research Information: Previous studies suggest that adding an SEL program is likely to be a wise choice. For example, 57% more students in schools with an SEL program improved their skills compared to students in schools without an SEL program, 27% more improved their academic performance, and 24% more improved their emotional well-being and social behavior. In sum, current data collected from many studies indicate that adding an SEL program to the school curriculum can lead to several real-life benefits for students. Read the 2018 study and analysis by J. L. Mahoney, J. A. Durlak, and R. P. Weissberg.

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Bailey Station Elementary Updated Mission and Vision Statements

A team of teachers, staff, and administrators met last May to start the process of renewing our mission and vision to reflect where we are as a school now. Our last mission and vision was written in 2010 so it was time to reflect on our school as we enter 2020. The team met throughout the year to draft several versions of statements to represent our vision and mission using input from all stakeholders. The statements were sent out to our stakeholders' which included representative parents to vote for the vision and mission that they best felt represented our school. Below is our new vision and mission for BSE! Thank you to everyone who helped with this process!
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Many parents struggle with understanding what behaviors are bullying and which ones are not. I shared the simple chart below with teachers and felt that it might be helpful for parents as well!

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Wait Until 8th Pledge for using SmartPhones

I had a parent call me to discuss the wait until the 8th site and she felt that this information would be great for all parents to read and it would be even better if students took the pledge to not use smartphones until 8th grade. I told her that I would be happy to share this site so that you as a parent can have this information as you deal with the use of smartphones and your children! If you are interested in reading more about it you can go to Below is some information from the site that tells you what this is about.

The Wait Until 8th pledge empowers parents to rally together to delay giving children a smartphone until at least 8th grade. By banding together, this will decrease the pressure felt by kids and parents alike over the kids having a smartphone.

Smartphones are distracting and potentially dangerous for children yet are widespread in elementary and middle school because of unrealistic social pressure and expectations to have one.

These devices are quickly changing childhood for children. Playing outdoors, spending time with friends, reading books and hanging out with family is happening a lot less to make room for hours of snap chatting, Instagramming, and catching up on YouTube.

Parents feel powerless in this uphill battle and need community support to help delay the ever-evolving presence of the smartphone in the classroom, social arena, and family dinner table. Let’s band together to wait until at least eighth grade before children are allowed to have a smartphone.

Every major carrier makes a basic phone that just calls and texts without a data plan if you believe your child will need to get in touch with you before 8th grade. The Wait Until 8th pledge is encouraging parents to delay the smartphone. If you would like your child to have a basic phone that just calls and texts or a two-way calling watch, you still can sign the pledge! The basic phone and two-way calling watch avoid many of the distractions and dangers of the smartphone.

Childhood is too short to waste on a smartphone. Take the pledge today!

Great articles/blogs that I have read and shared with teachers that I feel you might be interested in as well!

End of Year Dates!

May 9th

May Day for Prek- 2nd

May 10th

May Day for 3rd - 5th

May 14th

2nd-grade Musical 9:30 and 2:40

May 15th

Parade of Seniors 1:30

May 15th - 16th

3rd-grade talent shows

May 17th

5th Grade History Fair

May 20th

Chorus and Percussion End of Year Program 9:30 and 2:40

May 21st

5th-grade Luau 11:00

May 22nd

Kindergarten Program 9:30

May 23rd

Student/Faculty Basketball Game

May 24th

Last Day - Dismissal at 12:15