Technology owes ecology an apology

We're hurting our environment without even knowing it

Shady, dishonest, and dubious companies are killing our environment.

Companies need to stop beating around the bush and tell us where our products are coming from, and how they affect the environment. By not disclosing important information on their products, companies are lying and cheating the public.

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Companies need to disclose any and all information they have on their products. By not doing this they are allowing us to ignorantly damage our environment, and soon we'll be pass the point of return.

If the Queen agrees, and wants to go green, we should too!

Beyonce agrees that our modern, high tech life style is only hurting ourselves and the environment, not helping it. She admit to being deceived by beauty companies, many of their products had a negative impact on the environment and she wasn't even aware of it.

We want to go green, so let us.