IA Girls' Dorm News

September 4, 2014

Life in the Dorm

Dear Parents,

It has been an exciting and activity packed start to our school year. Please stay in touch and let us know if you have any questions regarding our dorm policies and procedures.

~Gracie Leal, Head Girls' Dean
mobile: 808.388.9046
email: gracieleal@gmail.com

REMINDER - Personal Media Devices

Starting the School year of 2014-2015 students will be required to have Airwatch installed on their phones. This will include iPods and smart MP3 players.

Personal media devices allowed
Apple iPhones - Airwatch required
Apple iPods - Airwatch required
MP3 Player (no apps, no WiFi)
Non-Smart Phone (basic phone with no apps or internet)
Clock Radios - only Christian or Classical Music ALLOWED

Android Smart Phone with data
MP3 Player with apps, WiFi

Please make sure that your student's phone complies with the new policy.
Phones that do not comply will be confiscated and sent home at the next home leave.


Up to 1% of your REDcard® purchases can benefit the IA Girls' Dormitory. Designate Indiana Academy School through Take Charge of Education at Target.com/TCOE or call 1-800-316-6142.

Senior Retreat, September 4th - 7th

Seniors will participate in leadership and bonding activities at Timber Ridge Camp.

Sunday School

IA students will have school on Sunday, September 7th, 11 AM - 4 PM prior to Home Leave.

Class Elections

Each grade will elect and announce class officers on Sunday, September 7th.

Home Leave, September 10th - 14th.

Please note that the dorm will close at 2 PM. Students here after 2 PM need to be picked up from the IA library next to the administrative offices.

The dorm will open on Sunday at 4 PM.

School Picture Day - September 17th

Sabbath School and Church Attire Acceptable for Girls

* Dress or skirt. Skirt length must reach the bend in the back of the knee. This includes any slits in the hemlines. Denim skirts are not acceptable.

* Blouses, shirts, or tops must cover the torso, shoulders, and abdomen at all times. Necklines should be modest in cut and should be no lower than the parallel line from the top of the armpit-to-armpit front and back. Nothing shorter than a cap sleeve is acceptable.

* Dress shoes

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