A film review

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a science fiction adventure film. It's about a boy and a girl who went to the hunger games and they had to kill other representatives to save their lifes and won the game. There is action, adventure and romance.

The main characters are Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Primrose Everdeen, Haymitch and Gale.

Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss, Josh Hutcherson played Peeta, Willow Shields played Primrose, Woody Harrelson played Haymitch, and Liam Hemsworth played Gale.

Gary Ross directed the film and James Newton Howard played the music.

The story was amazing because there was a lot of action and romance. The actors were excellent and they wore fantastic costumes. The special effects were very good and the music too. The ending was unexpected.

We recomend this film, it's incredible!!! and we love it.

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