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Assuming the state's debt

They supported the assumption of the state's debts because, most of the war happened to have been fought in South Carolina.

Creation of a National Bank

The Federalists believed that the National bank should have been created so that the states couldn't have more power and money over any other stattes ensuring that no one state became too powerful.

French Revolution

The Federalist opposed the thought of helping to overthrow the French king so they decided to side with Brtain to secure a strong bond and maintain the trade market with them.

Power of the National Government

The Federalists people felt as if Congress had to make laws they had the right to make laws and execute them as long as the laws were necessary and proper.

Alien and Sedition Acts

The Federalists passed the Alien and Seditition Acts to silence and weaken the Democratic Republican Party and its newspapers it wrote.

War with Britain in 1812

Although George Washinton was opposed of war the Federalist party was in favor of going to war with Great Britain. John C. Calhoun also called a "War Hawk" was voted to Congress and urged Congress to go to war until the Congress declared war on Great Britain in 1812, also this war brought upon a new rush of nationalism.

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