O.J. Simpson

Found not guilty in double murders in 1994


O.J Simpson married Nicole Brown when she was just 17 years old. They have two children together and three from his previous marriage. Nicole Brown often complained about her marriage to friends and family members, saying that Simpson physically abused her. He denied ever beating her. She filed for divorce in 1992.


On July 13, 1994 Nicole and her rumored boyfriend; Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside of Nicole's condo in Los Angeles. Evidence collected from the crime scene led police to suspect O.J. Simpson was the murder. Nicole had been stabbed multiply times in the head and neck and also had defensive wounds on her hand.
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Evidence suggest that after Nicole was attacked, Ronald Goldman struggled to keep up a fight with the attacker. Forensic scientist say that Goldman did everything he could to survive, while the murder did everything he could to kill him.

Three other detectives went to O.J. Simpson house to tell him the news, but upon there arrival they noticed a spot of blood on the door handle of Simpson's Bronco. They went up to the house and learned Simpson left for Chicago.

Later, investigators found blood on the driveway of Simpson's house and in the entrance hall way and bloody socks in the master bedroom. They found that it was Nicole Brown's blood projected onto the socks.

After O.J. Simpson came back from Chicago, it was apparent that he cut his finger on his left hand, police linked his finger to the left handed glove found at the crime scene. Simpson stated he cut his finger by his hotel mirror.

They learned that the Nicole and Ron's blood were found in Simpson's vehicle. It appeared to prove that he was involved in the crime. But Nicole and Ron blood were only found in the console of the car. Blood everywhere else matched Simpsons blood. If the stains were made with his right hand and is still wearing the glove then the finger area should have his blood. But his blood was not found there.

The glove did not fit his hand while presenting in court.

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Four days after the murders, the police issued a warrant for his arrest, but Simpson didn't obey. He visited Nicole's grave and wrote a letter that he left behind. Robert Kardashian, O.J. Simpson's attorney read the letter, it stated that he loved Nicole and had nothing to with the murder.

One private investigator decided to take over the case. He stated that O.J would have some major bruises after a fight, not just a cut on his finger.

It was found out that the crime scene was contaminated. People walked over the blood that hasn't been examined. On Nicole Brown back was blood that could have the killer never been collected.

The jury found O.J Simpson not guilty of killing ex wife and his friend.

Simpson wrote a book called "If I Did It." It explained how he would have committed the murders.

In October 2008 O.J Simpson was convicted on 12 counts of armed robbery and kidnapping. He was sentenced up to 33 years in prison. The sentencing was exactly 13 years to the day after of Nicole and Ron death.

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