The Roar Characterization Map

Cooper Peacock

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How I Picture Mika

Mika is the main character of The Roar. Throughout the book, his one true goal is to find his sister. He is the only one who believes she is still alive. The photo shows how I pictured Mika while reading the book. He and his twin sister are both age 12. I picture Mika as troubled and worried, his smile as lost as his sister.

What Three Things Would Mika Bring on Vacation?

In the novel, the family did actually go on vacation. Mika brought one item with him, and it is one of his most cherished things he has because it once belonged to his sister. It is the first item on our list...

Ellie's Holopic

Page 224, "Mika had forgotten Ellie's holopic of mountain lions, and even though they struggled up the stairs and had nearly reached the roof, he insisted on going back for it." Mika doesn't own many things, but this futuristic holographic photo of a mountain lion is one of his most prized possessions, because it once belonged to his missing sister. He carries it along with him everywhere because he can't let go of her.
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Any Memory of Helen

Helen is the only person who, through Mika's eye, understands him. She's a counselor but to Mika, she's a friend. Mika always carries around a note, or a treat from Helen. Page 51, "the only place Mika could relax because Helen was the only person who even considered the possibility that Ellie was still alive." He once competed in Pod Fighter with a note from Helen in his pocket. Every once and a while Helen will cook him something and Mika will carry around some of the biscuits she makes him.

Pod Fighter Video Game

Mika loves Pod Fighter, an arcade game simulating being in a Pod Fighter and fighting off enemies. If they were to ever make a portable version of it, Mika would bring it on vacation with him. Page 144, "He went to the arcade every night, and a the weeks passed it was busier than ever, as if the addiction to the place had spread like a virus." He spends most of his time playing the Pod Fighter game because he and Helen believe if he wins the Pod Fighter tournament he entered, he will find his sister. Mika doesn't know why, but Helen firmly believes the tournament will lead him to his sister.
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Actual Pod Fighter from the Book