Therapeutic Cloning

Is killing innocent embryo's worth defeating diseases?

Background Information

~In 2005 the U.N. told countries to ban cloning

~The United States will not support it and will not give any federal funds for either Therapeutic or Reproductive Cloning

~Also known as "embryonic cloning" or "clone and kill"

~Stops diseases and deaths while also causing diseases and deaths

How cloning works! ~video

Obtaining human embryonic stem cells thru' therapeutic cloning [video infographic]

The problems with therapeutic cloning~Video

The Dangers of Therapeutic Cloning


~ Clones used for therapeutic cloning are killed 14 days after they are used

~That's the reason that another name for therapeutic cloning is called "Clone and kill"

~Women who donate their eggs can get disease or die from this process.

~Many people believe that creating life is not okay and that it messes up the flow of the universe

~ Others think that only God can create life.

Pia De Solenni said,"Instead of wringing our hands and raising complaints, we who believe that such procedures are moral treachery must offer a strong and convincing alternative and be willing to pay for it, not just pray for it."

Pros, benefits, and causes

~When therapeutic cloning works there are many wonders it can do for people

~has helped correct birth defects, Parkinson disease, spinal cord injuries, heart disease, and many more

~research going into helping diabetes

~Therapeutic cloning can be life saving for some people

~Therapeutic cloning has also helped people who have disease in their bone-marrow. ~Therapeutic cloning is better compared to Reproductive cloning.

Chloe Levine~hemoplegic cerebral palsy

9-month-old Chloe Levine was diagnosed with right-side hemoplegic cerebral palsy, which affected all motor movements from this side of her body. The neurologist consulted for this case stated that the young Arizonian would have to endure almost 20 years worth of therapy, until the parents remembered they had stored her cord blood cells when she was born. This meant they could try a new experimental procedure to repair damaged brain tissue causing her problems. Only 2 months after her first infusion of stem cells she had already improved 50%.

Diabetics don't need as much insulin!

Another case involves the temporary relief of the symptoms of Diabetes type 1. In studies done with people just diagnosed with this disease, they compared a group they infused with blood cord stem cell while another group was given a placebo. The results showed that the group of participants that were given the infusion went on average 2 ½ years without the need of daily insulin injections. "Stem cell transplants 'have freed patients with type 1 diabetes of daily insulin injections” said The Daily Telegraph on the subject.

A future for ALS!

Studies are finding that ALS, or Lou Gherig’s Disease, a usually in treatable degenerative disease, can be managed by the usage of cord blood stem cells. This would help by developing factors that will preserve their remaining nerve cells. Although the studies available are only just correlational, they may be giving way to new investigations that may arise to provide with a permanent cure for this awful disease.

My Opinion

I originally thought that therapeutic cloning was all bad. After doing much research I found that there was way more pros than I expected. I still think that overall therapeutic cloning is bad because while it may cure one patient it ends up creating more diseases. I do not think that therapeutic cloning is a disgrace and should be prohibited and punished by law, but if i had to pick one side it would be the con side.