Creating a Terrific Presentation

When you think of multimedia, you may think of a power-point or a video. You may also think of a webpage. You may ask yourself, "so which one is multimedia?" The answer is ALL OF THEM. Multimedia is the integration if multiple forms of media into one presentation.
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Components of a Multimedia

Now, what makes a good multimedia? Well, a multimedia is made up of 5 components: text, graphics, audio, video, and interactivity.

Text: written words/numbers

Graphics: all images

Audio: all sound

Video: live or recorded moving images

Interactivity: allows users to choose the outcome of the experience
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Steps to Making a Good Multimedia

Analysis: You need to study your project to figure out the goals, rules/requirements and determine your audience. Determining your goals will allow you to set the standard for what needs to be done and will allow you to have a checklist. Your requirements come into play when you need to determine the amount of information needed to get the point across. You will need to create a presentation that will be interesting/informative to the specific audience that you are presenting it to.

Design: You need to plan how your multimedia will look, what media it will use, the tools needed, personnel needed, and make a schedule for it. This will help increase the efficiency when creating the multimedia because everything will already be planned out.

Development: This is the part where you will need to actually construct your multimedia presentation. Also, you will be testing it in this step to see if it works properly.

Implementation: Now you will release your multimedia presentation into the real world and allow your audience to try it out and use it.

Evaluation: You will need to determine if your presentation if effective and serves its purpose. You can use surveys, interviews, and observations.

Maintenance: Keep updating your multimedia. This will increase the effectiveness.
Created By: Michaela T August 7, 2014