6 Traits of Writing

Mya Reyhons


Ideas is is where you decide the topic you want to write about. You need to include vivid details and a topic that interests you.


Organization is very critical to your writing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use color coated notes. Green is for you topic sentence and conclusion. Yellow is for you main ideas. Finally, pink is for details.


Voice really helps the reader be interested in the writing. It's that thing that keeps the reader wanting more.

Word Choice

Word choice is where you tweak the words in your writing to make it sound better. You should use expressive nouns and verbs.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence fluency is where you make your sentences flow better. You need to use a variety of sentences and sentence beginnings.


Conventions is a necessary part of you writing. You MUST check over your paper using the COPS method (Capitalization Over all appearance Punctuation and Spelling).

Conventions Rockin' the Six Traits of Writing

Writing Process

Brainstorming / Prewriting

Brainstorming / Prewriting are where you think of what you want to write about and make a T-table to organize it. A T-table is where you organize your topic, your main ideas and you details.


Composing is where you make you rough draft.

Evaluation / Revision

Evaluation / Revision is where you take an evaluation sheet and fill it out. Once you have filled out this sheet you can see if you need to make any revisions.


Editing is where you change your writing and look to make sure you use correct conventions. You will also make you final draft.


Publishing is where you publish you finnal draft.

Write Tools

Core 4 Topic Sentences

There are four basic types of topic sentences. Simple statement is just a simple sentence. Number statement is a sentence that talks about the quantity of something. Question is a question. Situation / stance is where you leave your reader a cliffhanger.


Transitions are needed in every main idea sentence. The transitions just help the sentence flow.

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