What is the Bail Bond Process?

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What is the Bail Bond Process?

When a person has been arrested for a crime, he/she may be discharged on bail. The amount of the bail relies on upon the type of crime that has been committed. The more serious the charge is, the higher the bail will be. Most individuals can't not afford to pay everything so they utilize a bail bond to get out of jail. People are usually confused as to what they should do during such an experience. One thing that people should understand about the criminal justice system is how salinas bail bonds work.

Importance : Bail is utilized as a surety bond to guarantee that the defendant comes back to court. If the defendant does not show on scheduled court dates, he/she will relinquish the bond and a warrant for his/her arrest will be issued.

How Bail Bonds Function : If you are arrested for murder and the bail is set for $500,000, you can contact a bail bonds salinas to post the bail. The bail bond will cost the defendant 10 percent of the bail amount. A few companies will take property as collateral. The bail bond amount is non-refundable. Once the bondsman has been paid, he/she will post bail and you are released. Depending upon when the bond company is paid, it may take a couple of hours to be released.

Bail Review : If the bail is set really high, a defendant can ask for a bail review before a judge. This gives the defendant the opportunity to argue his/her case, show help from family and companions and give the judge some knowledge to the kind of individual the defendant is. A bail review could be requested at the arraignment and done promptly. Counsel a lawyer for further information.