Le Cercle Français

*French Club

What is Le Cercle Français?

Le Cercle Français, or French Club, meets the first Monday of each month. This is not a mandatory club, nor is it an extension of the class. It is simply a way to experience more of all that French speaking countries around the globe have to offer!

When does it meet? And where?

Le Cercle Français meets the first Monday of every month, except September, due to Labor Day.

Les dates 2016-2017:

Le 3 octobre

Le 7 novembre

Le 5 décembre

Le 9 janvier (due to winter break)

**Le 6 février

Le 6 mars

Le 3 avril

Le 1 mai

We will meet in room 101 from 3:20-4:15, the first Monday of every month!

** This is French movie night and times will change! There will be information forthcoming on this!
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