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November 20,2020

November 20-Report Cards Go Home

November 23 and 24- Parent Teacher Conferences (Virtual)

November 23-27- No School Thanksgiving Break

December 3- PTO Meeting 6:00 PM

December 10- Principal Coffee 9:00 AM

December 23-January 1- No School Winter Break

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Conference Information (parents you need a Gmail account to access the conference link)

PE thank you

Meet the SpEd Team!

Do you need a Thanksgiving Dinner delivered to you?

Update on Travel Restrictions

Free Winter Coats

Parents, you will need to use a Google email address to join the conference . If you do not have a personal Gmail, your child can join with their BSD email account

There is still time to sign up for a Parent/Teacher Conference!

Scheduling for our November 23rd and 24th Parent Teacher Conferences has begun. Please use the following link to begin the scheduling process:

Please know that all conferences this November will be held virtually, using Google Meet. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions link below for more information related to virtual conferences using Google Meet.

Frequently asked questions can be found here:

Physical Education News

A special thank you to Petra Cliffs and Adventure Spirit Rock & Ice for their generous donations of many yards of used climbing rope. In Physical Education students participated in Jump Aerobics a fun socially distance fitness activity. Ropes remaining will be distributed to classrooms for recess. The ropes have also been helpful creating boundary walkways outside for arrival and dismissal.

C.Spaid & M.DiMasi

Get to Know Your Friendly Flynn Special Education Team!

Jessica Lynn

Special Educator

Hello Flynn Families!! My name is Jessica Lynn, and this is my first, full year with Flynn Elementary. I work with really exceptional kids across grade levels, and I feel so lucky to be part of the Flynn community!

Fun fact: I have a one year old daughter who is a future Flynn student! She loves kitties and cheese. I also am an avid knitter, and my whole family is decked out in woolly warmth because of it.

A tip for the holiday break: A great way to practice mindfulness with your students is to go for a Rainbow walk! Get outside, and see what you can spot in all the colors of the rainbow.

Maura Dabney

Special Educator

Hi Flynn families! My name is Maura Dabney. I started as a special educator here at Flynn in 2014! I was away last year on a leave of absence; my husband and I moved to Vietnam and back again! This year I am having lots of fun supporting students in grades K and 1.

Fun fact: We adopted two sister kittens this summer! Their names are Nellie and Nova. When I’m not snuggling my cats, I love to make art and spend time in nature.

A tip for the holiday break: Schedule some quality family time: play a board game, follow a recipe, watch a movie, read a story, and don’t forget to MOVE everyday!

Mary Moore

Special Educator

Hello Fabulous Fireflies. My name is Mary Moore and I am a special educator for Grades 3 and 4. This is my seventh year at Flynn.

Fun fact: I have a one year old daughter who has bright red hair. We enjoy going for walks and making silly faces at each other.

A tip for the holiday break: Make sure to go outside everyday!

Cat Illig

Special Educator

Hi Flynntastic Families. My name is Cat Illig. I started as a special educator at Flynn in 2019. I am now the 3-5 Remote special educator for the district.

Fun fact: I retired from 25 years of teaching in Florida to come to sunny Vermont! I enjoy doing home improvement projects and spending time with my family.

A tip for the holiday break: Spending time cooking and baking together is a great way to work on math skills.

Susan Held

Special Educator

Hi Flynntastic Families! My name is Susan Held and this is my 24th year here at Flynn School! Currently, I am working with grades 4 and 5. I love helping students with their math, reading and writing assignments as they complete their elementary school career!

Fun fact: I am also a cat lover (like Ms. M)! I have 5 cats that keep me entertained and that bring joy to our whole family. When I am not at school, I am frequently at the North Avenue Hannaford, helping families with purchasing their groceries!

A tip for the holiday break: Some fun things to do when you are outside:

1. Create a piece of Art from things you find on a walk or even in your own backyard. You can create a nature collage with rocks, twigs, leaves, flowers, etc.

2. Make crayon rubbings of the leaves from different trees, flowers, pine needles, etc.

3. Paint some rocks with all kinds of colors and designs.

4. Sidewalk chalk creations!

So many things you can do!

Laura Ellis

School Psychologist

Hello Flynn Firefly Families! My name is Laura Ellis and I am the school psychologist at Flynn. I recently took a year leave and had a baby and am so happy to be back at Flynn with all of the wonderful students and staff! I have worked at Flynn for four years prior to my year leave and love making positive connections with students and families.

Fun fact: I am a yoga instructor in the Burlington community so you may see me subbing yoga classes in a local yoga studio! I also have an eight month old son that keeps me busy and enjoys doing yoga with me as well :)

A tip for the holiday break: A great family fun activity is to create a Winter Bucket List. It’s a lot of fun to generate the fun activities from your children, however if you need any ideas here is a great link:

Laurie McKittrick

Special Educator

Hi Flynntastic Family! My name is Laurie McKittrick. The kiddos call me Ms. M; I work with the 1st and 2nd grades. This is my 2nd year here at Flynn, and in an elementary school. Most of my teaching career was on the high school level in Philadelphia! Being at Flynn has allowed me to completely fall back in love with teaching. I’m honored to be here with all of you!

Fun fact: I am a cat lady!! I have a cat named Pooh Bear who is the snuggliest snuggler. I’m also a spin teacher, I love running, and you’ll most likely find me working at Hannafords on North Avenue!

A tip for the holiday break: To practice mindfulness and to be okay with a less structured time period, I often rely on exercise, small house projects and the Insight Timer app. The app has all sorts of meditations and stories, for adults and kids alike! Creating a loose, daily structure is also very important.

Kathryn Howrigan

Speech Language Pathologist

Hi Flynn Families! My name is Kathryn Howrigan (Ms. H to the kids) and I am a speech language pathologist. This is my second year at Flynn and I love that I get to work with students in grades K-5.

Fun fact: Over the summer we welcomed a yellow lab puppy into the family! Her name is Willa and she loves to play outside and snuggle.

A tip for the holiday break: Find books that you love and spend at least 30 minutes a day getting lost in a story!

Happy Thanksgiving, Flynn families! We hope you have a wonderful and restful break.

Free Thanksgiving Meal

St. Mark's Church and North Avenue Alliance Church are holding their annual Thanksgiving Meal Take Out Program.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE hot Thanksgiving Meal delivered to your home on Thanksgiving day please call Karen Priebe at 864-8478 (leave a message) to sign up. All requests must be made by Wednesday November 25th.

Update on Travel Restrictions

A Message from School Health

Thank you families for continuing the challenging work of screening your children each morning to ensure that we all do our best to keep our school community healthy and COVID free. Please continue to review the symptoms for which to keep your children home. Also, please remember that fever-reducing medication, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) will treat and mask a fever, and that students should be fever-free without medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school. If you have not returned your screening contract, please do. If you need another one, or a copy to keep at home, please contact your school nurse.

We work closely with the Vermont Department of Health to keep our community healthy. The VDOH conducts necessary contract tracing for positive cases by phone call. Please pick up the phone if the VDOH is calling you. Please call the VDOH back as soon as possible if you receive a message from them.

In-person learning is immensely valuable for the academic, social and mental health of our students and school community. As we approach fall and winter school vacations, please partner with us to prioritize remaining in-person in school. Please plan thoughtfully and with the health of our school community in mind. It’s hard to balance the desire to celebrate the holidays or vacation time with loved ones and the growing risk of COVID-19 infection. Travel and gathering increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19, so please think about how you can make your holiday and vacation plans safer.

Make safety a priority for your family and take these steps:

1. Decide if the risk is worth it for your family,

2. Plan to have a safe trip or gathering, remain flexible and get your flu shot and

3. Quarantine when you return.

You can celebrate the holidays and vacation time, but like other aspects of our lives right now, they will likely look different. Take extra precautions when attending or hosting an event and insist that people wear masks, keep gatherings small, and cancel if anybody in your family or group is sick.

If people are coming to visit you:

  1. Tell your visitors about the Vermont requirements for quarantining. They will need to quarantine at the place they are staying for 14 days. Or they can quarantine for 7 days, get a COVID-19 test, and end their quarantine after receiving a negative test result. (Check the Health Department website in advance for testing availability). Visitors can also complete these quarantine options in their home state if they are driving to Vermont in their personal vehicle.

  2. If you are hosting travelers under quarantine in your home, you do not also need to quarantine. But if you’re sharing space, you should stay at least 6 feet from the people under quarantine. People under quarantine should wear a mask in common spaces. They should eat in separate spaces and use separate bathrooms. Be sure to disinfect commonly touched surfaces, and check yourself for symptoms for 14 days.

  3. Discuss your expectations for visitors during their stay. Will people wear masks, stay 6-feet apart, keep the gatherings small?

  4. Ask your visitors to get a flu shot two weeks before they arrive.

More information can be found on the Health Department website and you can email with questions:

Please also don’t hesitate to call or email your school nurse with any questions.

Thank you for your care and thoughtfulness this season!

The ACCD Map is no longer in effect per the governor’s press conference on 11/10/20. All travelers who go outside of Vermont’s borders are expected to quarantine upon their return.

Vermont public health officials, University of Vermont infectious disease experts, and local pediatricians HIGHLY discourage travel over the upcoming vacation time and holidays, and advise minimizing the size of all gatherings. Please consider that your personal choice to travel may impact more than just you and your own family members.

Free Winter Coats

Thursday, November 26th

Annual FREE coats give away & Community Dinner

Time: 9:00am “Coats will be given away"

* Social distance protocol will be in place and masks will be required and available for those who need them.

10am - 2:30pm Community dinner will be to-go only.

Location: Sweetwater's, 120 Church Street, Burlington<>

Made possible by: Sweetwater's "American Bistro