Ancient china



Confucianism was a teaching of a mans name.Confucius was a man who was born 550 a farming family.He lived when royal kings fought each other for power. condemn the misrule of these kings.he suggested that the people would try follow the beliefs of their ancestors. If people would do that, Confucius believed, it would bring peace and harmony to China.


The fall of the Han dynasty and the long years of civil war frightened many Chinese. Feeling anxious, fearful, and unsafe, many people turned to Buddhist ideas. Followers of Confucius and Daoists also admired Buddhist ideas, which influenced their own religious rituals and moral ideas. By the a.d.400s, Buddhism had become one of China's major religions.


Dependence on moral law rather than on personal religious faith(excessive adherence to law or formula).These was made by Hanfeizi,Hanfeizi was different from others like Confucius.Hanfeizi thought humans were needless to say that they were evil.He thought that because there laws were strict and had harsh punishments were necessary to force people to do their duty.

Theresa Wells