The elephant and the rat

Bailey Hart

One day there was an elephant named Marty. He was in the zoo when he saw this rat running across his feet. Marty jumped up and screeched. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Get away from me you old stinky disgusting rat! My name is Ralph actually it is not old stinky disgusting rat. Still Ralph get away from me I don't want a rat near me or in this zoo. What is your name? Marty and what are you even doing hear just get away from me I don't want to see you anymore! Hey Marty I was sent here to save your friends. No you were not now go away! Two men came up to the elephant part of the zoo placing something down. See those two men over there? Yeah I wonder where the guy on the right gets his tops I think I would look good in them, don't you? Don't worry about the his top anyway I think it might be a little too tight for you. Anyways they are putting something very bad and dangerous thing down. No way they look perfectly normal. I will be right back. Ralph went over to this dangerous thing and sees that it is a bomb he takes the wires and chews them off. Marty comes over. THATS A BOMB!! Shhhhhhhhh. Don't freak anyone out. Hurry up there is 5 seconds left 4 3 2........ Okay good I got it. Thanks Ralph maybe I should take things a little more serious next time. You are welcome. I guess I will see you later Marty. I guess I will see you next time you save my life. Yeah sure.
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