Assessment For Learning

Why are assessments important?

Keypoint From The Video

One thing that I loved from the video is that it stated “best feedback is not the one giving to the student but the one given to the teacher” and I agree. The best feedback is when teachers have planned a successful lesson, taught the lesson and finally get to enjoy the feedback which is the students understanding and showing examples of understanding. I absolutely love that feeling once I teach a lesson and do observations and to learn that my students get it (formative assessments).

Formative Versus Summative

The primary focus of any formative assessment is to identify any areas that might need to be re-taught or focused on before the summative assessment. My ideas on formative and summative assessments are that they both play a vital role. Formative assessments are those assessments you take throughout the teaching to ensure that your students are grasping the information. The summative assessment takes place after, which pretty must sums up the lesson as a whole. Formative assessments are taken along the way so that as the teacher we get the feedback we need to determine if our students are even ready for a summative assessment. With that being said I do believe that both are very important to not only measure the students but the teacher as well.

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Why Both Assessments Are Necessary

Both formative and summative assessments can be implemented to create a successful classroom environment in many ways. Formative assessments should be done all the time. However, I only do one summative assessment once the standard has been completely covered and based on my formative assessments my students have comprehended the information. Formative assessments help teachers understand what students need improvement in. These assessments help teachers get a better understanding of what exactly they need to focus on to ensure success with a summative assessment. They both are very important as you would never want to teach a lesson and just assume all your students got it and only do a summative assessment. During teaching and after, formative assessments gives teachers what they need to move forward.

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