By: Cody Gerondale


What we do in typing web is we type for 5 min everyday before class to help us get more used to the keyboard. In typing we I Learned how to type fast and to also not have to look at the keyboard as much.


What we did in I Trailer is we picked a special part in our life and used photos of that moment to create a trailer. In I trailer I learned how to make a trailer and how to put pictures in and how to design it.


What we do in haiku deck is we make a slideshow about what we want to do as a job when we get older and tell about that job. In haiku deck I learned more about my dream job and that is to be a football player and how much the college is and how long will i have to go to college for to get the degree.


In explain everything we had to pick a math problem and make a little presentation and then we recorded our voices to solve the problem. What I learned was how to build a presentation on the app.

Career Locker

In career we had to learn more about our dream job like how much the tuition is and haw many years we would have to go to college for to get the degree. What I learned is that my dream job is being a Taxidermy.


In coding we made like a plan for the angry bird to get to the pig we had to design a plan.

What I learned is how to design a plan of action for the birds to get to the other side.